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Playa Summit is also home to pro athletes and other high profile residents. With that in mind, owner R.W. Selby & Co. must execute on repaints and renovations with the utmost attention to detail to keep the property appealing and tenants happy. That’s part of the reason the real estate investment enterprise has counted on Dunn-Edwards for decades. “The quality of the Dunn-Edwards’ paint is just superior,” said Steven Taylor, R.W. Selby’s vice president.

“We’ve purchased buildings that already had other paint brands on them and it just doesn’t seem to last as long. With Dunn-Edwards, we know it will last 10-plus years. The only reason we’ll often repaint sooner is if we need to change the color scheme.” In 2017, Playa Summit, then named ‘The Heights,’ required an exterior color scheme change as part of the company’s rebranding strategy. “The old colors were a little outdated, so we chose unique color combinations for each specific building,” recalled Project Manager, Jorge Gonzalez.

Playa Summit Dunn-Edwards

The quality of the Dunn-Edwards’ paint is just superior … we know it will last 10-plus years

R.W. Selby chose long-time partner, E.C. Painting, as the contractor, and Dunn-Edwards’ on-time deliveries and support made the project run even more efficiently. “It all went very smoothly,” Gonzalez said. “Whenever we had a question about the paint or were scratching our heads, we had the support from Dunn-Edwards.” The project required about 3,000 gallons of paint and used Dunn-Edwards’ SPARTASHIELD 100% acrylic on main exterior surfaces, EVERSHIELD semi-gloss on wood trim, and ARISTOSHIELD for residence doors, wrought iron and utility doors. The new color scheme increased foot traffic to the property.

“This was a pretty dramatic face-lift,” Gonzalez added. “We’re easier to see from the freeway and street now. It really gets people’s attention.” R.W. Selby owns and manages more than 4,500 units in Los Angeles, Orange County and Las Vegas, and repaints are key for its marketing strategy. “We constantly update our buildings. We have to get people in the door and if you have a quality paint with a modern scheme, you’re going to look better and appeal to more people,” Taylor said.

… if you have a quality paint with a modern scheme, you’re going to look better and appeal to more people


playa summit Dunn-Edwards
playa summit Dunn-Edwards

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