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Emig’s teams bring considerable experience to the workplace, working with a number of general contractors and subcontractor teams on large-scale build-outs and repaints. He understands the need for flexibility when it comes to jobs whose schedules and demands can shift suddenly. “That’s really been our philosophy: we’re there to do what needs to be done, to be there when they call us, and to help the general contractor as much as possible,” Emig said. “A lot of things can change and get delayed on jobs and since we are one of the last trades on site, we focus on keeping things moving forward.”

Emig also relies on his relationship with Dunn-Edwards for its ability to deliver great service and high-quality paints for his projects at the right price. “Our relationship with Dunn-Edwards has been long. We’ve used them from the very beginning. They have good products and they do a good job of educating us on those products,” he added. Craftmasters relied on Dunn-Edwards for a recent ground-up public park construction effort in the city of Peoria, located in Phoenix’s west valley.

Paloma Park Dunn-Edwards

Dunn-Edwards has always had excellent sales reps and service.

Paloma Community Park is an 85-acre site that was originally specified for a different paint manufacturers, but designers saw better value in using Dunn-Edwards for the project. “With some projects, you’ll sometimes get an architect looking for value engineering options, where they can spend less but not lose anything with coverage or durability,” Emig noted. “Durability is the big thing on jobs like this.” Craftmasters painted a large maintenance building, interiors and exteriors of restrooms and concession buildings, numerous ramadas, and baseball and softball backstops.

The contractor used ARISTOSHIELD for doors, railings and metal structures, and SUPREMA semi-gloss on bathroom interiors. Paint work started in late 2019 but wasn’t completed until late 2020. The job experienced many delays, but the Craftmasters and Dunn-Edwards teams remained patient and flexible in order to bring the job to completion. “Dunn-Edwards has always had excellent sales reps and service. When you need information or a last-minute delivery they’re on the ball, ready to answer any product or application questions we might have,” Emig added.

Our relationship with Dunn-Edwards has been long. We’ve used them from the very beginning.

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