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LOS ANGELES (November 6, 2012) Dunn-Edwards, the Southwest's leading manufacturer of premium paint, announces the wide availability of Zero VOC colorants for tinting, which virtually eliminates volatile organic compounds from paint. Zero VOC colorants are available in all of Dunn-Edwards' 110 stores located in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas.

“While high quality, Zero VOC paints have become widely available in recent years, there was still the issue of conventional colorants adding VOCs back into the paint," explained Robert Wendoll, director of environmental affairs. “Now we can offer low odor, more environmentally friendly paints in any color, while maintaining lower overall VOCs in all of our tinted water-based products."

This new technology allows Dunn-Edwards not only to make greener paint, but to comply with current and future regulatory limits that may be set on colorants used for tinting paint. “This the latest step in our commitment to green technology and it aligns with our greener by design® philosophy of being as eco-efficient as possible," said Wendoll. He points out their color lab and colorant supplier worked for several years to develop these proprietary Zero VOC colorants. “We're known among design and painting professionals for our colors, especially the depth and vibrancy of color, so we needed to ensure that we would maintain the quality of the tints. We are extremely pleased with our new Zero VOC colorants."

Dunn-Edwards, which manufactures its paints in the world's first LEED Gold Certified facility, can use the Zero VOC colorants in all its water-based paint lines. These new colorants are free of any EPA chemicals of concern - unlike colorants from some other paint manufacturers. For more information, visit