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Dunn-Edwards Paints Releases Annual Color Trends Report

LOS ANGELES (June 9, 2015) – Have you ever been inspired by a movie, book or time period to paint a wall? Dunn-Edwards Paints examined color inspiration in literature, art, film, history and fashion to forecast five color trends that will be popular next year. The trends report, titled 2016: Home, outlines five paint palettes that can evoke different themes and moods within a home, mimicking romantic nineteenth century settings or spiritual meditation retreats.

These trends fit certain personas: the romantic, gypsy, adventurer, nostalgic and visionary. Which trend matches you?

To the Manor Born
Inspired by Romanticism and medieval design, this trend takes cues from floral designs, historic architecture (Victorian, Colonial and Gothic) and opulent jewelry and fashion. "To the Manor Born" blends hushed neutrals like fleshy pinks, mauve and shades of grey for a palette that is strangely surreal, fantastical and macabre - think Pride and Prejudice meets Edgar Allan Poe. Ideal for: the romantic and introspective.

Midnight at Bar Do Copa
Inspired by the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Indian spice markets and Frida Kahlo, this color palette offers a mix of deep indigo and navy blues playing with vivid candy colors like fuchsia and coral to create an electric palette observed in bustling cultures abroad. Ideal for: the adventurer, nomad or glamorous globetrotter

An Island to Myself
This trend explores the relationship between the digital world and spiritual retreats. "An Island to Myself" was inspired by Asian monks and technological innovations and includes crisp blues, soft gray, violet, taupe and cloud whites to enhance a quiet space for meditation. This trend focuses on simplicity and purity. Ideal for: visionaries and innovators.

Back at the Ranch
Inspired by the wild and authentic early Western ranches, "Back at the Ranch" colors evoke a weathered, sundrenched atmosphere of a saloon, safari lodge or farmhouse. It includes earthy naturals like cinnamon with bright accents like marigold and tomato red. This is for the home that displays low-key décor with honest materials like wood, leather or Mexican-inspired embroidery. Ideal for: the gypsy spirit.

Summer Camp
This trend embodies the home away from home, like summer family vacations by the lake, camping trips and festivals. "Summer Camp" is a playful palette reminiscent of family outings and home décor of the 50s and 60s. It includes sunny colors, sorbet hues and vintage blues. Ideal for: the happy nostalgic.

The report includes a design checklist, suggested materials and color palette for each trend. View or download the entire 2016 color and design trends report.