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How-to tips and color ideas for painting a ceiling


LOS ANGELES (August 7, 2015) — When was the last time you looked up and pondered the color of your ceiling? Switching up a ceiling color is a quick redesign that can revitalize the appearance of an entire room. Pick up a gallon of paint and give it a try — it’s a fun and easy DIY project.

Click here for a how-to video on painting a ceiling, and see below for tips and color ideas when choosing ceiling hues from Sara McLean, color expert at Dunn-Edwards Paints:

Painting Tips:

  • Paint the ceiling the same color as the walls for a rich, inviting atmosphere.
  • Lighter or darker shades of the wall color create a soothing space, with extra depth.
  • A darker ceiling color than wall color creates a cozier environment — great for powder rooms, bathrooms or bedrooms.
  • For tall ceilings, extend the ceiling color a few feet down the walls to make the room feel more intimate.
  • For a coffered ceiling, paint color between the coffers for extra drama and sophistication.
  • Paint the ceiling a completely different color to add flair. Use accent colors from area rugs, art and other décor pieces to tie it in.

Color Ideas:

  • A white ceiling with white walls creates an airy, open area. Try warm, neutral palettes like soft white or ivory rather than stark white.
  • Thinking about going bold on the wall color? Then paint the ceiling white so the effect isn’t overwhelming.
  • For monochromatic color schemes, try a darker shade on the ceiling for a wow factor that’s not too overwhelming. For example, gradations of a beige or gray.
  • Painting the ceiling a light, soft blue gives the illusion of sky. Try it out in a small powder room or bathroom for added interest.
  • Add a metallic or pearlescent finish to the ceiling to create a regal, marble-like façade.
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