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LOS ANGELES — (October 23, 2014) — Adding to the popular Dunn-Edwards How-to-Paint YouTube series, new videos offer simple instructions and tips on three painting projects that many do-it-yourselfers attempt at home.

Featuring designer Tracy Metro, the videos offer homeowners step-by-step guidance on "How to Paint a Stripe Wall", "How to Paint Wood Furniture" and "How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets". Each video includes Tracy's Tips, providing expert advice and shortcuts when completing these refurbishments.

The videos answer common DIY questions and suggest professional tips, including:

  • How do you get the sharpest lines possible when painting stripes? Homeowners make the common mistake of burnishing or rubbing painting tape onto the wall for clean lines. Try painting the stripe with the base color first. Paint onto the tape seal to avoid any gaps underneath and get the sharpest lines possible.
  • How important is selecting the right sandpaper and using the proper sanding techniques when painting furniture? A higher grit sandpaper produces a smoother finish, so fewer marks are visible in the end. Always sand with the wood grain and never across the grain. This will help to minimize cuts and scratches in the surface.
  • What are some important prep tips when painting cabinets? Be sure to number the cabinets and doors so after painting you'll get the doors back on the right cabinets. Simply take a small piece of painter's tape, mark the cabinet and door with the same number, and then stick one number on the door where the hinge goes and the other inside the cabinet.

Find other how-to videos on the Dunn-Edwards YouTube channel and additional resources on the Dunn-Edwards website.