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LOS ANGELES -- (November 4, 2014) – As part of its ongoing commitment to develop high performance products that are safe for people and the environment, Dunn-Edwards has introduced Super-Loc® Premium masonry and bonding primer in white. New Super-Loc® Premium is formulated with an advanced urethane modified acrylic technology, which provides superior application and adhesion properties.

The product is low odor, fast drying and is easy to apply. Thanks to the urethane modified acrylic technology, tools and equipment can easily be cleaned with water instead of conventional solvents. "The New Super-Loc® Premium provides excellent adhesion on many interior and exterior difficult-to-paint surfaces. Its unique resins migrate into the surface voids, which help to improve adhesion," explained product manager Sam Carrillo. "Super-Loc® also has excellent alkali and efflorescence resistance on interior and exterior masonry surfaces."

To demonstrate performance, previously painted chalky panels were primed with New Super-Loc® Premium and other leading water-based bonding primers. The test results showed New Super-Loc® Premium has better adhesion than any of the competing brands.

Like all Dunn-Edwards paints, Super-Loc® Premium does not contain ethylene glycol (EG). Dunn-Edwards removed EG from its paint formulas in 1984 and remains the only major manufacturer to have done so. EG, which is listed as a hazardous air pollutant and toxic air contaminant, can be harmful to humans.