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Dunn-Edwards Paints Releases Annual Trends Report

Color Trends 2020: Optimistic Endeavors

LOS ANGELES – June 5, 2019 – Expect to see an explosion of bright, deep colors next year as we welcome in a new decade that promises to be filled with optimism and joyful life experiences. Dunn-Edwards Paints has released its 2020 Color and Design Trends Report, Optimistic Endeavors, which defines five key themes of how culture has influenced the design world. Watch the animated videos.

  1. The Silk Road, where East meets West, evoking exotic ornamentation and riches. With influences from Asia and historic royal Russian cultures, we’ll see Neo Baroque and Art Deco expressed in both simplicity and extravagance.
  2. Fresh and Free reflects a healthy lifestyle with comfortable denim and chambray, and a clean, light palette. Think dreamy soft, milky, mint green and ice blue.
  3. Neu Traditions. Feminine softness paired with girl power. This trend embodies a desire for history and vintage looks, with glamour redefined. Modern and traditional emerge bold and sophisticated, yet somewhat girly.
  4. Co-Habitants. Especially strong is a global influence, with a snapshot of cultures and nature from around the world – neutral palettes eco-colors, animal patterns and masks. Textures of cotton, wood, bamboo and even snakeskin will rule.
  5. Playtime, inspired by summer vibes with tropical, Caribbean and Mexican influences. Think bright, fruity colors.

2020 Color Trends

Greens from nature are essential to palettes in 2020. Eucalyptus greens, with a slight blue undertone, grow in popularity. Darker blue spruce takes over hunter green and olive adds warmth to the green category. We’ll see deep khaki and forest, along with mint green.

Oranges will be everywhere, with cinnamon, terracotta and rust most prevalent. Peach will be the new, more sophisticated Millennial pink, but pink will remain strong next year, with more of a tangy accent. Deep reds, such as Bordeaux, merlot and Burgundy will be popular.

Violet and plum move forward, with plum and black as a stunning combination. Plus plum paired with dark red and berry -- even cinnamon, terracotta, caramel and toast.

Watch for inky blues, with slight green undertones. Denim continue to trend, and electric blue will jump start some of the brighter trending palettes, along with clear turquoise.

Yellows continue to gain popularity through 2020 in its vivid tones. Canary yellow, or Gen Z yellow, emerges into interiors, carried over from fashion. Gold is now a basic, not trending, yet not disappearing. Browns will gain traction, from light wicker and grass tones to deep chocolate and charred earth – replacing grays that many have grown tired of.

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