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LOS ANGELES (June 16, 2016) – Inspired by people’s desire to reboot and reach for the stars, the 2017 color + design trends report from Dunn-Edwards Paints illustrates how design and color is influenced by a need to liberate imaginations and explore new and exciting territories. Entitled Beyond Wild Imaginations, the trend report reflects our local cultures and global influences as society harnesses the power of adventure, creativity, innovation, globetrotting and living a life of joy.

“So many factors dictate trends in design and color,” explained Sara McLean, Dunn-Edwards color expert and creator of the report. “We look at everything from cultural shifts, technological innovations, travel and food to fashion and beauty, health and wellness, and evolving lifestyles. What we see in the coming year is fun and adventurous, quirky and bohemian, appealing to the globetrotter, pioneer and innovator.”

McLean points out that next year pinks will continue to be in plentiful and reds will become a key color for fall, ranging from classic red to browned reds, bringing added drama and vibrancy. “Another popular color for 2017 will be yellow, ranging from yellow-green vegetal and honey glow hues, to creamy and pigmented banana yellows,” she said.

Browns are chic, she says, with cooler undertones or copper enhancements. Beiges will be in pink and cosmetic tones, showing the transition from camel and sand tones into the newer beiges.

Grays are cooled and bleached, almost white, or display as deep pewter and gravel. Though cool, they will essentially disappear from trending highlights by fall / winter 2017. Here are key five themes she identified in color and design trends for 2017:

undefinedAdventurous Revelations

“These colors are inspired by the adventurous spirit,” said McLean. “We’re seeing architects and designers pushing the extremes in daring creations. Raw materials are used with an intentionally unfinished look in architecture.”

This natural palette features undyed colors, highlighted with honey. Strong, rugged and densely pigmented hues add power, while neutrals and intense pigmentation bond together in a modern view. Rustic and primitive, earthy hues pair with brighter coloring.

Creative Ingenuity

undefined This is inspired by the neo-bohemian life; a life of a sentimental and contemplative spirit. Eco-conscious and self-sufficient, with a focus on life’s pleasures and DIY projects. We’ll see Polynesian and Tiki revival with emphasis on 1950s Hawaiian/Cuban (pre-Castro) / Florida. Plus 70s retro projects with focus on communal living/working environments.

A relaxed, summery palette, with sky blues with beachy, sand tones; tangy, citrus hues with milky overlays; tropical vibes and naturals highlighted by brights.

undefinedPioneering Innovations

Inspired by the natural curiosity of humans – the visionaries and innovators seeking original experiences, often with a fascination with ocean and space.

In this palette, pastels take on a precious quality, mysterious and magical. Translucent, watery, opalescent. Dusty, color fusions and whitened effects. Faded, two-tones, bleached naturals, tender coloring, romantic fusion of artificial and natural. The blues, classic or unusual, are paired with aluminum for a metallic reflection.


undefined Inspired by the globetrotter who has a strong personality and is confident in matters of taste. The home is a blending of several cultures. Craftsmanship is key. Lush, romantic and worldly. Ability to look at the world from a different perspective, transforming world education into life at home.

Colors are exotic, fruity, flowery and tropical: colorful neutrals with fresh orange; deep pinks with reds. Opulent and sophisticated with magnified copper tones, illuminated and intensified with copper and ginger tones, creating an assertive mood.

undefinedJoie de Vivre

Inspired by embracing the unconventional lifestyle and cross-generational values. Life is fun and the choice is to be happy. Spirited and childlike, full of surprises and humor.

This palette has intense hues and saturated pigments. Rich and deep, to neon-like qualities. Primary colors are key. Monochromatic ranges with shades of these intense hues provide an update to the brights. Eclectic, multi-colored, joyful coloring.

View or download the 2017 color + design trends report by Dunn-Edwards Paints.