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Since 1925, Dunn-Edwards Corporation has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of architectural and industrial coatings in the Southwest, providing a complete line of paints and painting supplies to professionals and quality-conscious consumers.

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History 01 Frank “Buddy” Dunn founded the company in 1925, not as a paint maker but as a wallpaper store in Los Angeles. The business expanded as he added a line of paints, and later (with two employees) he began manufacturing his own paints in the backroom of the company’s second store.

History 02 In 1938, he partnered with his friend Arthur C. Edwards, a former painting contractor and pigment salesman, to form the Dunn-Edwards Corporation. Sales immediately improved, and a business philosophy was born: “Make the finest line of paint and give the best service at fair prices.” It’s a philosophy that endures through this day.

Important Milestones

Dunn Edwards launches ENDURA Series, a high-performance, Industrial Coatings Line


Dunn-Edwards merges with Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. Learn more about Nippon Paint here.


Dunn-Edwards celebrates its 90th year in business! Watch the video.


Dunn-Edwards launches EVEREST,® an ultra-premium, Zero VOC paint that is self-priming


Dunn-Edwards opens world’s first LEED® Gold-certified paint manufacturing facility in Phoenix, AZ


First to use RAVOC rating; a better way to quantify VOC content of coatings


The 100th store, located in Fullerton, CA opens


Dunn-Edwards enters cooperative venture to produce and distribute recycled latex paint


Dunn-Edwards creates SIERRA®, its first low odor, Zero VOC paint


Dunn-Edwards enters the Las Vegas, Nevada market


Dunn-Edwards is one of the first manufacturers to voluntarily replace ethylene glycol (EG) with propylene glycol, a safer, more environmentally friendy ingredient in our water-base paint


Dunn-Edwards discontinues use of mercury biocides in latex paints, 11 years ahead of the partial ban by the EPA


Dunn-Edwards expands its manufacturing in Arizona by opening the Tempe factory and store


Main Office expands and moves from downtown Los Angeles to Vernon


Dunn-Edwards expands into Arizona and Northern California markets


Dunn-Edwards discontinues last remaining lead-based paint, 24 years ahead of the ban by the Federal Government


Arthur C. Edwards joins the company, which shortly becomes the Dunn-Edwards Corporation


Los Angeles factory opens


The company changes its name to Dunn’s, Inc.


Company begins to sell paint products and becomes the Consolidated Wallpaper and Paint Corporation


Dunn-Smith Company formed; soon becomes Consolidated Wallpaper Corporation, with its first store on Figueroa St., Los Angeles