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Design Competition

The Emerging Professionals Design Competition, sponsored by Dunn-Edwards, is open to all student designers nationwide. All skill levels are encouraged to apply. This student competition will open again in Spring 2024!

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Calvin Ma

UCLA Extension/Cal Poly Pomona
Ma’s Grand Prize submission of a casita paid homage to the people who helped build Palm Springs. Ma honored the Mexican people and the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians by placing handcrafts, ceramics, and woven objects throughout.

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Christopher Fill

Scottsdale Community College
Fill’s First Runner-Up submission melded mid-century modern with tropical ambiance. The styles of South Beach, Miami, and Palm Springs influenced the project. Fill created an indoor/outdoor space with an expansive glass door that folded open to a courtyard.


Calvin Ma Dunn-Edwards Paints
Calvin Ma

UCLA Extension/Cal Poly Pomona
Ma designed the winning submission for the commercial category: a tradeshow booth with touches of multiple cultural sources, including Japanese indigo patchwork, as well as Mexican and Brazilian culture and design. He incorporated a warm color palette, representing sustainability and resilience.

Aleksandra Tolovikova Dunn-Edwards Paints
Aleksandra Tolovikova

UC Berkeley Extension
Tolovikova created an inviting kitchen design, landing her as the grand prize winner in the residential category. She used a muted, mature color palette full of browns and blues.


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Helen Hoang

University of Cincinnati
Hoang’s winning submission, “Eco”, reimaged a mid-century modern family home in Las Vegas to be more functional and contemporary without losing the fashionable appeal of the era. She innovatively wove in a palette of warm, inviting colors honoring the past and present.

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Callie Welsh

Savannah College of Art & Design
Welsh created an experiential space in a San Francisco Dunn-Edwards Paints store weaving virtual reality into the traditional buying process. She mixed a palette of soothing darker tones with pops of lighter shades to guide customers within the store.