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If you would like to see your personal information records from Dunn Edwards before submitting a deletion request, please first submit a form for "Request my personal information" and upon receiving your records, submit a separate form for "Delete my personal information".

I want to:

Tell us a little about yourself:

We respect the privacy of your personal information; therefore, the information we send you is what we can reasonably link to the details you provided in this form. Your results will not include your Social Security number, drivers license number, or other government-issued identification number, financial account number, any health insurance or medical identification number, any account password, or any security questions and answers.

I am submitting a request for:

I affirm that I am a California resident as defined by Section 17014 of the California Code of Regulations.



  1. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) rights to request personal information or delete personal information apply only to California residents. Dunn-Edwards reserves the right not to respond to requests for personal information or requests to delete personal information made by or on behalf of non-residents of California.
  2. Dunn-Edwards will respond to your request to know or request to delete as follows: (a) We will acknowledge receipt of you request within 10 days after we receive it. (b) We will contact you by email (if you provided an email address), by phone (if you provided a phone number but not an email address), or by mail (if you provided neither an email address nor a phone number) to verify that the person making the request is the consumer (or represents the consumer) about whom we have collected information. If such verification is unsuccessful, we will not honor your request to know or request to delete. (c) If you are making a request to delete, we may require that you re-affirm such a request in a separate communication to us. (d) We will respond to your request to know or delete within 45 days after we receive it. The CCPA allows for one-time extension of an additional 45 days to complete a request. We will contact you if an extension is required to fulfill your request.