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Tough Environment? Dunn-Edwards Has Got You Covered.

Tough Environment - DE MSP Dunn-Edwards is well-known as the manufacturer of the finest architectural and commercial paints and coatings in the Southwest but, did you know that Dunn-Edwards also manufactures and provides industrial and high-performance coatings to meet the needs of more severe service environments? These environments require coatings that protect against more extreme exposure to UV, chemicals and salt spray and include protection against corrosion, impact or abrasion. Whatever the industrial project or environment, Dunn-Edwards has the right protective coating to meet the toughest environmental demands.

For light industrial projects, Dunn-Edwards offers several products designed to withstand mild chemical environments, UV exposure, abrasion and mildly corrosive environments. ULTRASHIELD® is a zero-VOC, single-component acrylic urethane that is ideal for projects where color and gloss retention are critical. ULTRASHIELD® is available in low-sheen, gloss and a semi-gloss DTM formula — and can be tinted to light, medium and deep colors. WB SYN-LUSTRO® is also available as a high-performance, acrylic semi-gloss and gloss coating that is ideal for metal substrates that require protection against mild corrosion and the effects of UV exposure. It is available in light, medium and deep tint colors, as well as safety colors. Rounding out the high-performance coatings lineup is ENDURAGLOSS®, a siliconized alkyd gloss that is intended for use on ferrous metal substrates. It provides exceptional corrosion protection, along with very good color and gloss retention. ENDURAGLOSS® is available in any color. Please check your local store for product availability.

If your industrial project requires a unique, two-component coating, we can provide the correct recommendation and protective coating available through any of our industrial partners. Dunn-Edwards is an authorized distributor of Carboline® and Rust-Oleum® industrial products and also provides water-proofing and anti-graffiti products manufactured by Rainguard® and Zinsser®/OKON®. Whether your project requires an aliphatic urethane, epoxy barrier coating, floor coating or protective lining, Dunn-Edwards has the right solution for the project. Not only do we offer the best products in the industry, we also provide a highly trained sales and store staff to assist customers with product recommendations and specifications.

Dunn-Edwards manufactured products are available and can be tinted at all store locations. And we have expanded our tint operations at specific locations to allow for the tinting of lacquers, urethanes and epoxy protective coatings. A complete line of Carboline® epoxies and urethane products are available at our Mission Hills, Laguna Hills, Miramar and Tempe industrial tint centers. Orders can be placed and filled as quickly as the same day in these locations, and all have custom match capabilities.

In addition to these locations, Dunn-Edwards is expanding its industrial tinting capabilities to include the company's Ontario, Anaheim and Oxnard stores. These locations will be capable of tinting select epoxy and urethane products (no lacquer tinting) from Carboline® and Rust-Oleum® so we can better service the needs of the industrial markets. The Ontario location will be operational mid-August, with the Anaheim and Oxnard locations operational mid-September. More information will be made available as the target dates approach, so please check with the local store or your sales representative for more details.