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Think All Tape is Created Equal? Think Again!

Orange Tape When it comes to completing a successful paint job, choosing the right tape can be critical to your — and your client's — satisfaction. Therefore, it is important to understand that, despite the numerous products out there, not all tapes are created equal.

Painter's tape is ideal for freshly painted surfaces, non-textured and smooth areas, accent walls, stripes, hardwood floors and other substrates, as it removes cleanly with no surface damage. Designed for interior use, a quality painter's tape has to balance proper adhesion and surface conformity with easy, clean removal.

We recently ran some tests comparing Dunn-Edwards Premium Orange Masking Tape (OPT) to a similar product from Sherwin-Williams' — and what we found was truly enlightening!

While results show that both have similar attributes, they do not perform the same on all applications. For example, our OPT has almost twice the adhesion to steel, as well as more delicate surfaces. Dunn-Edwards OPT also has a higher quick-stick than Sherwin-Williams' and adheres immediately upon application. In addition, our OPT has a lower unwind than our competitors, which means it is easy to remove and won't shred off the roll, and it provides superior stretch — enough to conform to irregular surfaces but not so much that the tape pulls back once applied.

Overall, Dunn-Edwards OPT is the best painter's masking tape in the paint channel. A rubber-based adhesive tape, our OPT lends itself to traditional paint and industrial applications, while its conformability, easy unwind, high tensile strength and flexibility make our OPT an excellent performing premium tape. Remember, when it comes to ensuring that your paint job is the best, quality counts!