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Taking Home the Gold with Green Wise

Green Wise Today, more than ever, customers want to keep their spaces as green as possible — particularly when it comes to the paint used in residences and buildings such as schools and hospitals. That said, it can be difficult to determine how "green" a green product really is. To ensure you are delivering the high-quality, environmentally safe paints your clients demand, be sure to look for the Green Wise label.

Products that bear the Green Wise label have been tested and certified by the Coatings Research Group, Inc. (CRGI), an international organization of paint manufacturers that is recognized the world over for its high-quality technical work and scientific reporting. The CRGI laboratory is ISO 17025-accredited and is an active member of the United States Green Building Council. CRGI created the Green Wise paint standards and test methods with input from member paint chemists, resulting in a truly green standard by which paints are accurately measured.

Raising the eco-friendly bar even higher, Green Wise Gold certified products not only have to meet the same performance and durability standards as the original Green Wise certified products, but they are required to pass the stringent, indoor air quality requirements of the California 01350 Small Chamber Emissions Test. In addition, they must contain less than 5 grams VOC per liter, even after tinting with specified colorants.

Dunn-Edwards has long been committed to caring for our Earth, as proven by our lines of Low and Zero VOC colorants and our EG-Free® paints, as well as our company-wide greener by design® program. We are proud that our interior products EVEREST®, ENSO®, and SPARTAZERO® are all Green Wise certified Gold products and the only products in their class that have this certification.

So when you're selecting paint for your next project, choose a Green Wise certified product and feel confident that you are providing your clients a safe, high-quality paint that is gentle on the Earth.

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These products are certified by Coating Research Group Inc., an ISO accredited testing laboratory, to meet performance and environmental standards as shown on VOC-containing colorants may not be used in GREEN WISE® GOLD certified products.