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SPARTAZERO® Raises the Bar in Quality, Eco-friendliness

SPARTAZERO Interior Flat When your project calls for a high-performing, eco-friendly paint, SPARTAZERO® is the paint of choice. SPARTAZERO® is a premium interior paint line with the superior performance to prove it. In addition, SPARTAZERO® is a low odor, Zero VOC paint that is ideal for use in residential and commercial projects such as schools, hospitals and anywhere low odor products are preferred (family room, children's room, dining room, classrooms, offices, etc.)

Available in flat, velvet, eggshell and semi-gloss finishes in a wide range tint bases, SPARTAZERO® is formulated using high-quality resin and pigments, which allows it to provide better scrub, block resistance, adhesion and stain resistance than its competitors.

  • Better Scrub Resistance — Allows paint to withstand repeated washing and will maintain its original appearance longer.
  • Better Block Resistance — This is important when painting doors, door jambs or cabinet doors, which can stick together or block and cause the paint to peel from the surface.
  • Better Adhesion — Paints are able to protect the substrate better, even when exposed to moisture.
  • Stain Resistance — Paints like SPARZTAZERO that are less porous have better resistance to staining.

SPARTAZERO® not only provides excellent durability, hide, stain resistance and versatility, it is easy to apply and produces a beautiful, smooth and uniform finish, regardless of sheen. It also provides a better balance of sag resistance and flow and leveling. These characteristics are important for both painters and consumers, as they allow paints to apply and look better once dried.

In addition, SPARTAZERO® utilizes unique thickeners to minimize roller splatter, which creates a mess during application. Also, less roller splatter allows more paint to be left on the substrate — possibly requiring less paint for the job.

SPARTAZERO® can be used on previously painted interior drywall, metal, masonry and wood. In addition, SPARTAZERO® 10 can be used as a self-priming paint in certain applications (please contact a Dunn-Edwards representative for details).