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Paint It Forward


“Painting happiness” is the motto that drives L.A.-based ALLBRIGHT 1-800-PAINTING. And, if you have experience with painting (whether as a contractor or a homeowner), you immediately understand that “painting happiness” can mean a number of things:

  • The infinite color possibilities
  • The excitement and anticipation of a home-improvement project
  • The wow feeling when you see the final results

“Painting happiness” is what fuels all who love to discover the joy hiding inside every can of paint.

Spreading Painting Happiness

After running his business for a few years, ALLBRIGHT owner Joshua Abramson realized that “painting happiness” wasn’t achievable for everyone. He noticed members of his community who couldn’t afford to take on a painting project. These were deserving families who were stricken by illness and loss, non-profits who worked hard for the community, and other community members who struggled. He knew there was some way he could bring “painting happiness” to these important and deserving members of the community so — 10 years ago — he started a charity program called Paint-It-Forward.

About Paint-It-Forward


Paint-It-Forward was started as a way for ALLBRIGHT 1-800-PAINTING to give back to its community, and the concept was simple:

  • Let community members nominate deserving families and non-profits that could use painting services but could not afford it
  • Get the ALLBRIGHT crew on board by asking them to volunteer their services and choose the winner in a secret ballot vote
  • Offer a large prize to the winner (The prize has increased through the years and is now $10,000 worth of painting supplies and services)
  • Plan a “big event” that brings sponsors and volunteers together to bring “painting happiness” to the Paint-It-Forward winner

Paint-It-Forward 10th Anniversary

The first year of Paint-It-Forward was so successful and rewarding that Abramson knew he had to make it a tradition. He continued the giveaway year after year and, along the line, other painting contractors across the country heard about Paint-It-Forward and wanted to know how they could get involved. Abramson helped them establish their own programs, and Paint-It-Forward began to blossom all around the country. During this, the program’s 10th anniversary, Paint-It-Forward is not only celebrating 10 years of giving back to its own community — it is also celebrating a total of more than $1 million worth of donated paint and services across all Paint-It-Forward participants.

Paint-It-Forward — Your Turn to Get Involved

ALLBRIGHT wants to make the next 10 years of Paint-It-Forward even bigger by inviting all painting contractors to join this growing program. By participating, not only can you give back to the community that has supported you all these years, you can also promote your business and establish your company as a community leader.

The basics of the Paint-It-Forward program have been outlined above — but your event will only be as successful as your marketing and coordination efforts. To provide further guidance to companies just getting started, ALLBRIGHT has created a National Paint-It-Forward page. There you can view a map of all Paint-It-Forward programs and sign up for more information.

When you sign up, you’ll be sent a free informational document with everything you need to know to run a smooth and successful event. The document takes you from planning to execution, detailing every step and highlighting how to market your event, with examples from Paint-It-Forward’s own campaigns.

Visit the National Paint-It-Forward page to request information today, and you could be starting your first Paint-It-Forward event in 2016 — an event that will excite and inspire your community, while helping your company stand out. You can also reach out to Abramson directly by email ( or phone (661-294-1159, ext. 101).

With your help, Paint-It-Forward can grow even bigger, helping deserving families and non-profits in communities all across the country. Couldn’t more people in your community use a little “painting happiness,” too?