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New Paint Rules Will Soon Take Effect In San Diego And Sacramento

The last two major air districts that were expected to adopt the California Air Resources Board’s 2007 “Suggested Control Measure for Architectural Coatings” (SCM) have now done so. The County of San Diego Air Pollution Control District adopted its new Rule 67.0.1 last June, and the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District amended its Rule 442 in September. Both rules are consistent with all definitions and requirements in the SCM. The San Diego rule will take effect on January 1, 2016, and the Sacramento rule is scheduled to become effective on March 24, 2016.

In both locations, products that comply with the current rule but not with the new rule, and are manufactured before the effective date of the new rule, are covered by a three-year “sell-through provision.” That is, such products may be sold until January 1, 2019, in San Diego, and until March 24, 2019, in Sacramento. Those products may be used by applicators at any time, without limit.

The new rules will impose lower VOC content limits on various kinds of paint and coatings, including two that may be of particular interest to professional painting contractors: Rust Preventative Coatings and Lacquers (now part of a new Wood Coatings category in the rules). The VOC limit on Rust Preventative Coatings will drop from 400 g/L to 100 g/L. This will affect Dunn-Edwards 9A SYN-LUSTRO Semi-Gloss, 10A SYN-LUSTRO Gloss, and 42-53A ENDURAGLOSS. Any of these products manufactured after the applicable rule effective date will be available in each district only in quart containers, under each rule’s “small container exemption.” Painters who have been buying these products in gallon containers, and may need more to finish a project, are advised to buy gallons manufactured before the applicable rule effective date, while supplies last.

The VOC limit on Lacquers (as part of the new Wood Coatings category) will drop from 550 g/L to 275 g/L. This should not be a problem, as the 275 g/L limit has long been in place for shop-applied Lacquers under Rule 67.11 in San Diego and Rule 463 in Sacramento – as well as for both shop-applied and field-applied Lacquers in other local air districts throughout California, and the performance of those products is regarded as comparable to that of higher-VOC products. Dunn-Edwards carries a full line of complying Lacquers manufactured by the Valspar Corporation.

A copy of the new San Diego rule can be downloaded from the district’s website at this link:

And a copy of the Sacramento rule can be downloaded from the district’s website here:

For information on product availability, please contact your Dunn-Edwards Sales Representative. For more information on local paint rules in California, please contact Robert Wendoll, Director of Environmental Affairs, at