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Introducing TITANIUM-PRO® II, the Innovative Oval Angle Sash

Titanium Pro Brush When it comes to getting the job done right, it's important to make sure you are using the best tools available. That's why Dunn-Edwards is proud to introduce an innovative new brush design — the TITANIUM-PRO® II Oval Angle Sash. Because of the brush's unique oval design, the TITANIUM-PRO® II picks up more paint than conventional, single-thickness brushes. In addition, the narrow ends of the oval makes cutting-in easy to control.

The TITANIUM-PRO® II Oval is made using a newly created polyester/nylon filament blend. This new filament combination is stiffer so it applies today's heavier, thicker, low-VOC paints more easily, while still allowing for long, tapered, thin filament tips to achieve a smooth paint application. The filaments are dyed silver through a special process that improves the filaments' bend recovery and makes clean-up easier once the job is finished.

As with all Dunn-Edwards high-quality brushes, the TITANIUM-PRO® II Oval is manufactured using stainless-steel ferrules to prevent rusting, screw nails to securely attach the ferrule to the handle, unfinished hardwood handles to prevent splitting and cracking, and aluminum inserts to ensure the head attachment to the handle is secure. In addition, all brushes are handmade to ensure the very best quality and performance.

The new TITANIUM-PRO® II Oval angle sash, just like all of our private label brushes and roller covers, are specifically designed and tested for use with Dunn-Edwards paint products.

Remember, using superior tools and paint will help ensure that your job is done to your — and your clients' — satisfaction. Don't settle for second-best. Choose Dunn-Edwards.