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Insider Tips – For the Outside

Don’t let the weather get you down. Here are our top 5 insider tips for painting exteriors in a range of conditions.

  1. Check the forecast: Hot weather demands a few extra precautions during application, and cold weather can slow the drying process up to two days. Do not paint when the air and/or air surface temperature is below 50º F.
  2. Mind the sun: In summer, the rule is, don’t paint in the sun and follow the shade around the house. But in cold weather, it’s the opposite.
  3. Put a lid on it: Direct sun and high temperatures will increase the tendency of paint to skin in the roller tray or in the container. Cover all open containers.
  4. Stay hydrated: In hot weather, it may be necessary to add up to 4-6 oz. (per gallon) of clean water to maintain workability of latex paints.
  5. Time it right: On colder days, focus on prep work in the early morning and late afternoon, and apply paint when surfaces are warmer, between 10AM and 2PM. Wrapping up early allows time for curing before dew falls.
  • Prevent surfactant leaching
    • Do not paint before, after or during cool, damp or humid conditions.
    • Do not paint a day before or after rain is forecasted.
    • Do not paint late in the day when mist, dew or other moisture may be present on the substrate.