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How to Market to Residential Repaints

Have you been researching ideas for how to best market your painting business to homeowners? Are you on information overload and having trouble putting it all together in one, straight-forward plan? Well, we're here to help! Let's start by assuming you already have a unique brand or, more concisely, a company name that sets you apart from your competition. And let's say you're ready to start promoting your company throughout all your communications.

Once you're ready to move forward, there are three simple steps that will help you market your business to potential clients. The basics: First, you need to generate leads. Next, you need to secure bids. And, last, you need to get referrals.

Generate Leads

There are many ways to get your company's brand out to the community and generate quality leads. The key to success (and making the most of your marketing budget) is discovering where your money and time are best spent. Knowing your audience is a key component of targeting and reeling in new clients. For residential repaint leads, we highly suggest you start with a strong website, quality signage and well-placed advertising. For more details read our article on How to Generate Leads.

Secure Your Bids

Before you meet with clients, you need to create some essential business tools — including business cards, company letterhead, estimate sheets, job proposals and/or specifications. Make sure these items are "branded" with your company name and logo. Why are these tools important? Because, after your meeting, these documents are the link that connects the client back to your business. If you provide a professional-looking bid package (versus a price handwritten on the back of a business card), you are making a lasting impression that keeps your proposal top-of-mind — and your odds of being awarded the project improve.

Now it's time to meet with your customer. Show time! Meeting with a client is the best opportunity to give a strong first impression. How? Start by dressing in painters whites. This is the attire customers expect — no torn or severely stained clothing. Small amounts of paint on your clothing are good because they show that you're hands-on. Make sure your work truck is clean and organized, too!

When you greet your customer, be cordial and polite. Present your business card immediately and let the conversation take its course. Focus on listening first! Be attentive and ask questions when needed — but let your client do most of the talking. After you've gained a better picture of your client's needs and expectations, begin to make recommendations that may solve their problems. Once you get into a position of helping your client by providing solutions, your relationship grows and the chances of being awarded the bid improve.

Get the Referrals

"We hear that you offer some of the best customer service and high-quality work! Are you available to help us out with our new project?" Do you hear this often? If so, you are doing something right! If you're not getting phone calls every day asking for bids or estimates, don't worry, there are lots of ways you can get your name and services on the tip of new customers' tongues.

At the end of the day, building quality relationships is the key to any successful referral strategy. When your work shines and you have the best customer service to back it up, you'll find that your customers can't help but rave about your exceptional work. For more details read our article on How to Get the Referral.

Marketing a business, small or large, is challenging work. It requires careful planning and execution to get it right. The upside is that the rewards are very satisfying. Following the three simple strategies of generating leads, securing bids and getting referrals is a time-tested plan to successfully growing a paint contracting business. If you are considering how to improve your marketing efforts, give it a try and see how your business grows.