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FREE Color Consultation for Your Customers

Getting clients to select colors and feel confident about their choices can be challenging. Dunn-Edwards' Professional Paint Advisors (PPA) can take this problem off your hands. We offer FREE color consultations that help your customers find the perfect colors so you get started faster and finish sooner, with less repainting. We strongly believe in offering expert color advice to your clients in order to make your job as a painting contractor run more smoothly. Dunn-Edwards' unique services are the helping hand you may need to nudge your project in the right direction and alleviate client, job and consultation stress. Since 2011, Dunn-Edwards has been proud to provide complimentary services to help your clients navigate the paint and color selection process with confidence and ease.

How it Works

  1. Have your client locate a Dunn-Edwards store with a trained Professional Paint Advisor on staff at one of our 11 San Diego, 19 Phoenix/Tucson area or 6 Orange County locations. Note: PPA services are available only in select markets.
  2. Schedule an appointment with your Dunn-Edwards' PPA at your client's convenience.
  3. Have your client arrive with a photo (or email ahead of time) of the color they desire and a photo of their house to the consultation.
  4. Customer receives customized paint color recommendations.

During the consultation, the Dunn-Edwards PPA can also assist you with explaining the benefits of the different types of paint gloss — from flat, velvet and eggshell, to low sheen, semi-gloss and gloss — so your client has a better understanding of your recommendations.

With your purchase of Dunn-Edwards' products, we are happy to provide the highest-level customer support and expert advice. Professional color consultations lead to more professional results and that equals happier clients!