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Top 10 Community Amenities

People are sticking close to home more than ever, and they are increasingly demanding true communities that are more than just a “shoe box.” Attracting and retaining tenants (especially millennials) can be tricky, which means simply offering four walls and a ceiling doesn’t cut it anymore. There is high demand for more comfort and convenience, and many properties are stepping up by providing innovative and creative amenities to beat the competition. Here are 10 community perks that can attract (and keep) tenants:

  1. Community/social spaces — Residents want to connect with their neighbors. Creating an outdoor courtyard or rooftop with a grill, an event space, a coffee bar, library, game room or a movie theater are all great options to encourage tenants to meet and bond, making coming home fun.
  2. Events — Beyond providing communal spaces, hosting events can really help sell a potential renter. Think about having community barbecues, a food truck come once a month, cooking classes, or buying a large-screen TV to host “the big game” or viewing parties for popular shows.
  3. Pet-friendly/pet parks — For many residents, their furry pals are their family and they want them to be included in the community. This means providing little perks like a bark park for dogs to socialize/run off the leash, and/or space where owners can wash their dogs after a playdate.
  4. Fitness, revisited — While many communities have workout rooms, there are many options beyond merely offering a small room with a couple of treadmills. Active lifestyle areas — such as basketball or tennis courts (and, of course, a pool) — are increasingly in demand. In addition, residents are looking for studio-like areas and fitness classes such as yoga and indoor cycling.
  5. Bike storage — Cycling, particularly in the Southwest, is on the rise. The U.S. Census Bureau reported that in the past 10 years, biking to work is up 60 percent. Residents don’t want their bikes to take up precious space in their home, but they want to know that their ride is secure. An amenity like a bike rack or bike storage can be just what tips the scale in your favor.
  6. Ride sharing — In addition to biking, many tenants are open to sharing rides. Flexibility in transportation is important to renters; they may use their bikes and public transportation more, but want options. If they need to travel to an area that can’t be reached by those means, a shared car is highly valued. Check out Zipcar to see how you can bring these services to your property.
  7. Toddler room — Let’s not forget about your communities’ smallest residents! Creating a toddler room helps foster friendships that can last a lifetime, as well as gives harried parents a chance to unwind while their children learn to socialize. Even better? Host “Parents Night Out” — with baby-sitting services included — once a month.
  8. Community garden — One thing tenants may miss when living in multi-family communities is the ability to connect with the Earth. A community garden not only provides that opportunity, but alsocreates a social space and some delicious bounty! You can even offer gardening classes, or create a green-thumb club.iStock-618439198_720x400.jpg
  9. Sound-proof music room — Have tenants who love to play guitar or some other instrument? If so, chances are it can become a noise issue for those right next door. You may want to consider providing an insulated space in which your music-lovers can meet and jam — all without disturbing the peace.
  10. Pampering, right at home — Your residents are busy people, which means it can be tough to take time for self-care. By offering spa facilities, such as hair and nail services, sun-tanning, massage, etc., you can keep your tenants happy and relaxed!

Gone are the days when price and size are the only factors when selecting a property. As you can see, there are numerous options that are as creative and diverse as your potential and current residents. Whatever you decide to add to your amenities mix, Dunn-Edwards is here to help you bring your community to life!