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Envision Your Perfect Repaint With our Help


While some people are able to look at paint colors and imagine exactly how they will appear on walls, many cannot, which is why Dunn-Edwards Property Service Managers (PSRs) are here to help you envision (and create) the perfect color palette for your community. Our PSRs are experts in paint technology and color — and they will create a custom, comprehensive Paint Manufacturer Specification for your property that includes color change and placement, as well as renderings, color boards, paint samples and drawdowns, providing you and your painting contractor a visual reference before application begins.


Dunn-Edwards offers 1,996 beautiful colors from which to choose, making it challenging to narrow your choices. Add to that the fact that colors can look vastly different on a computer or a chip versus in real life. Our PSRs are here to make your job easier by offering professional color consultations and renderings to help you visualize color on projects, including:

  • HOA color-palette assistance. We can help you choose the perfect schemes, body trim and accent colors
  • If you’re not sure what you want, we can suggest a variety of color schemes that will help you envision your completed paint project
  • Create a color mock-up so you can see the color in its natural setting to see if the hue really works
  • See a color you like? You can also check out our InstaColor mobile app to match any color to a hue in our Perfect Palette® color system.
  • Accurate color-matching
  • Provide draw-down samples in your selected colors and gloss
  • Paint specifications and warranties
  • Referrals to our Professional Color Advisors

For additional information, please contact a Dunn-Edwards Property Services Representative.