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Superior hiding, stain-blocking primer seals in tough stains.

BLOCK-IT® Aerosol (16 oz) is a high-hiding, ultra-low VOC waterborne alkyd primer for use on a variety of previously painted or new interior and exterior surfaces. BLOCK-IT® Aerosol (16 oz) is excellent for blocking stains from food and grease, water or smoke damage, ballpoint or felt pen ink, lipstick, crayon, and tannin from woods such as cedar or redwood. Its innovative formulation also provides excellent adhesion and enamel holdout, good sandability, low odor, and superior flow-and-leveling for easy brush and roller application.

  • Excellent for stains such as food and grease, water or smoke damage, ballpoint or felt pen ink, lipstick and crayon, and tannin from woods
  • Strong adhesion properties, exceptional enamel holdout and excellent sandability
  • Contains advanced, waterborne alkyd technology, which allows for superior application and ease of use
  • Very low odor and ultra-low VOC content

The science of blocking stains

BLOCK-IT® Aerosol (16 oz) uses waterborne alkyd resins, barrier-type pigments and stain-blocking additives that form a smooth, tight film over the stain, locking it in place and preventing it from migrating through the topcoat.
These diagrams are not designed to scale and are simplified to illustrate what is happening on a microscopic level.

Blocit diagram

BLOCK-IT® Aerosol (16 oz) outperforms the competition
Comparison Test

In laboratory tests, BLOCK-IT® Aerosol (16 oz) outshines the competition in blocking out a variety of stains, including washable marker, lipstick and ballpoint pen ink.

Test Method:
Comparison panels were created with one coat of primer and a topcoat of SUPREMA® Interior Flat paint (SPMA10). These are high-resolution scans of the actual test results. The actual test results may be viewed by appointment at Dunn-Edwards corporate office.

Blocit comparison

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