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Deep, irregular cracks resembling dried mud in dry paint film.


  • Applying too much paint, usually over a porous surface
  • Allowing paint build-up in corners upon application
  • Sand the area to make it smooth.
  • Prime any bare surface with a high-quality primer and allow it to dry.
  • Paint with a high-quality paint.

Product Recommendations

Surface Recommended Primer
Natural Wood EZ-PRIME® Premium
Synthetic Wood ULTRA-GRIP® Premium
Masonry EFF-STOP® Premium
Ferrous Metal BLOC-RUST® Premium, White (Water Based)
Non-Ferrous Metal ULTRA-GRIP® Premium
Non-Ferrous Metal
Desired Finish Recommended Product
Flat SUPREMA® Interior Flat Paint
Velvet SUPREMA® Interior Velvet Paint
Eggshell SUPREMA® Interior Eggshell Paint
Low Sheen SUPREMA® Interior Low Sheen Paint
Semi-Gloss SUPREMA® Interior Semi-Gloss Paint
Low Odor|Zero VOC Interior
Desired Finish Recommended Product
Flat EVEREST® Interior Flat Paint
Eggshell EVEREST® Interior Eggshell Paint
Semi-Gloss EVEREST® Interior Semi-Gloss Paint

Please note that these suggestions are provided as a service to you. We are unable to guarantee or be responsible for the results obtained by these procedures. If you have additional questions, ask any of our expert sales associates.