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Paint and Color Handbook

As you begin your professional career, Dunn-Edwards is committed to providing you with a range of resources for your paint and color projects.

Continuing Education (CEU Courses)
Dunn-Edwards supports the pursuit of life-long learning for architects and designers. Take our CEU courses online. LEARN MORE
Technical Bulletins
Read Technical Bulletins for more technical information about common paint industry topics, such as substrate concerns, application best practices, and environmental or regulatory issues. LEARN MORE
How-to videos
Visit the Dunn-Edwards YouTube channel to view more tips on color and paint selection as well as painting project advice.
Paint Problems and Solutions
The paint inside and outside your home is in a constant fight to maintain its beauty. Heat, moisture, old age and a host of other problems all take a toll. Armed with this step-by-step guide, you can help protect your home and make it look beautiful again.LEARN MORE
Glossary of Paint, Color and Architecture Terms
Painting is the easiest way to transform a space. Knowing the terms associated with painting, color and architecture will help you get the right products and tools to give you professional results. Here’s our A–Z guide for many of the terms you’re likely to come across during your painting projects. LEARN MORE