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Firmly rooted in the United States since 1925, Dunn-Edwards Paints® began a small, family-owned business that — through hard work and commitment to quality — has grown to become one of the country's largest independent manufacturers and distributors of paints and painting supplies.

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Opening- Dunn-Edwards Logo [Music]
Years since Running the Business Introduction Clip We've been in business since 1972. And I've been in business for 28 years. We've been in business since 1998. And I've been in business 25 years. We've been in business since 2001. We've been in business since 1999. And we've been in business for a little over a year. And we've been in business close to 30 years. Been in the business since 2007. Been doing business since July 1992. Almost 22 years.
Rachael Wayne Talking Dunn-Edwards just has a great product. And they have the service. And they take care of us.
John Cobb Talking The performance of the products we feel is superior.
Brian Brown Talking They're way further advanced than any other products, in any other company.
Alex Vidal Talking The color retention is wonderful. They use high quality ingredients in the paint.
John Park Talking With the advent of the internet they're always trying to find some way to improve their website and make their product line simpler.
Joe Campbell Talking Showing us how they tested every batch of paint in the beginning and the end, to make sure it was a consistent product.
Russ Phillips Talking Also, the products are easy to use.
Dunn-Edwards Paint Can Clip And Dunn-Edwards stands behind their material and has always backed us if there was a problem, but very seldom is there. It's fantastic company.
Marlon D'Leon Talking We never hear a complaint from our employees applying the products.
Dunn-Edwards Paint Can Clip Painters like to use it. We work with it. We get our orders on time. We get everything we need when we need it.
Joshua Abramson Talking The simplicity, yet it's great quality. So you put those two together and you have a very good product.
Rachael Wayne Talking There's a million colors to choose from. And we get the service that we need to provide to our customers.
John Cobb Talking It's nice to know that there is a team standing behind us if we have questions about a product. Dunn-Edwards is always there when we call, or need help, or even need them to come to our job sites.
Dunn-Edwards Paint Cans Clip Dunn-Edwards is a whole package. It's not only the customer service, the quality of the paint, but also the people at the stores.
Russ Phillips Talking The customer service is the best in the industry. I probably have the best sales rep in Dunn-Edwards. The guy jumps through hoops, answers his phone 24/7. He's got the best work ethic, the best customer service.
Robert S. Myers I've got a sales rep who takes care of me. He's always checking in with me.
Prepping and Painting Clip I know that if there is anything that needs to be taken care of, he's got the experience. He can come out and help us out to find the right product. He has the backing from his company to do that.
John Cobb Talking They can help us get through whatever problem or issue might be arising at the time. A lot of times we need answers right away. Dunn-Edwards has been wonderful in that respect.
Joe Campbell Talking Any time we call our rep, he's always there to pick up the phone, and drop everything, and do anything we need. And we really appreciate that out of them. It means a lot to us.
Dunn-Edwards Paint Bucket Clip And it's part of why we want to keep using Dunn-Edwards.
Joshua Abramson Talking When I'm using Dunn-Edwards the customer is getting the experience that they expect.
Dunn-Edwards Paint Can Clip And more times than not, they want Dunn-Edwards.
Joshua Abramson Talking That's a great reason we like to also use Dunn-Edwards. It's because it's what the customer wants.
Brian Brown Talking Customers enjoy it and love it whenever they hear that we use Dunn-Edwards products. And we've even went as far as to put on our sites that we will only use Dunn-Edwards.
John Park Talking Customers are not only looking for quality, but they're also looking for a good price. And I think Dunn-Edwards delivers in most of those areas.
Dunn-Edwards Paint Cans The customer was a lot happier with the product. They were asking for Dunn-Edwards and so we were able to give it to them. And because of that, we got more jobs. And we grew as a company when we decided to use Dunn-Edwards.
Alex Vidal Talking They never let me down with paint, especially with color matching. They're wonderful. I've never had any problems with them.
Dunn-Edwards Paint Cans Clip They cater so well to us as painting contractors, making sure that our deliveries are very timely.
Joshua Abramson Talking They make sure that when we walk into the store that we have our own separate desks.
Dunn-Edwards Paint Cans Clip We can come in and just order our paint, get our paint, and our product, and get out. Makes it very efficient for us.
Painting Clip We continue to use Dunn-Edwards paints because we have, not only a faithful relationship with Dunn-Edwards, but they continue to get better and better every day.
John Cobb Talking We feel that Dunn-Edwards genuinely cares about our company.
Rachael Wayne Talking It's just a good company to work with period.
Robert S. Myers Well, I continue to use Dunn-Edwards paints for the quality. I trust Dunn-Edwards.
Painting Clip And Dunn-Edwards makes me look good 24 years and running.
Joshua Abramson Talking Who Dunn-Edwards is to me, and how they've helped me over the years is why I continue to use them.
Russ Phillips Talking We've used Dunn-Edwards payments for over 25 years. And I definitely see us using Dunn-Edwards paints well into the future.
Brian Brown Talking If they're still producing in the Phoenix area I'll definitely use them. And if they happen to leave the state, I'll follow them to go to another state.
Joe Campbell Talking We love to use Dunn-Edwards paint because of the culture they have. It's a family driven atmosphere. And it's the same type of culture we have in our company. And that's somebody we want to do business with. And that's one of the main reasons why we love working with Dunn-Edwards.
Closing Dunn-Edwards Logo [Music]