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Color + Psychology

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20 Ways Color Psychology Can Create a Beautiful Home

06/26/15 specs+spaces staff

Every time you begin a new interior design project you must choose the best colors that complement the overall look of the space and reflect your client's personal style.

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Top 10 Ways to Utilize Color and Feng Shui in Your Client’s Homes

06/05/15 specs+spaces staff

Interior design is about more than selecting furniture, accessories, paint, linens, and floor coverings. It's all about creating a space that speaks to a client's personal style and individual needs.

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Can You Smell Colors?

08/11/14 specs+spaces staff

Have you ever heard of synesthesia? This is a rare condition in which an individual closely associates two unrelated senses. For example, scientists exploring synethesia have...

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Understanding Color Deficiencies

08/11/14 specs+spaces staff

Color is an important part of our daily life and can bring a home's design to life. However, individuals with color deficiencies may struggle to distinguish and differentiate...

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We Could All Be Seeing Different Colors

07/23/14 specs+spaces staff

When humans look around at the world, they tend to believe that everyone sees the same colors. Recent studies involving color science reveals this isn't entirely true. One...

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Deep Thoughts About Color

07/19/14 specs+spaces staff

Isaac Newton is well-known for the interesting color science he performed in 1665, when he used a prism to split sunlight into all its constituent parts that humans perceive as...

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Color 101: Color Basics

09/05/11 Sara McLean

As color and design professionals, we all remember our days learning about color theory – what is color? Who's important in history in terms of color? What is a hue, value,...