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Color + Global Views

Pretty in Pink in Palm Springs

10/28/16 Sara McLean

Nestled along the desert landscape of Palm Springs, Calif., sits a vividly colorful pink home.

2017 Design Trends: Commercial Architecture

09/30/16 Grace Lennon

Considering how much of our lives are spent in the workplace, it only makes sense that these spaces invite the opportunity for beautiful form, as well as function.

The National Parks Service Turns 100 Years Old

07/29/16 Sara McLean

​Happy Birthday to the National Park Service which turns 100 years old this month!

A Colorful Road to Rio: The Color and Design of the 2016 Summer Olympics

07/29/16 Sara McLean

With the 2016 Summer Olympics getting underway Friday, Aug 5, here’s a closer look at the color and design predictions displayed in our 2016 color+design trends report, providing more design inspiration to get into the spirit of this summer.

Shop in Color: Vibrant Retail Around the World

06/30/16 Grace Lennon

Color and its effect on the human psyche has a huge influence on retail design and a shopper’s experience. Retailers can tell a story with color, creating a theme and concept for their store and brand.

Creatively Colorful: Vibrant Schools Around the World

06/04/16 Grace Lennon

For children in a learning environment, color can have an effect on mood, emotion, and productivity, making it an important and much overlooked consideration in school design.

Dine in Color: Vibrant Restaurants Around the World

04/14/16 Grace Lennon

Check out these 4 colorful restaurants from around the world and taste the rainbow!

Travel in Color: Vibrant Hotels Around the World

04/03/16 Grace Lennon

Color. It has an effect on our mind, body and emotions and can influence our physical and mental well-being immensely. Within hospitality design, color can be used to set a tone or mood — from romantic or exotic, to upbeat or playful — and can transform dull accommodations into Technicolor wonderlands!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

03/17/16 Sara McLean

Though considered an Irish holiday, Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated worldwide with a variety of parades, festivities and parties. And, none of these celebrations is complete without wearing green.

2016 Hospitality Design Trends

02/29/16 Grace Lennon

​When it comes to travel, people are looking for the exotic, but with all the comforts of home, as well as style, inspiration and togetherness — and this year’s hospitality design trends reflect just that.