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Summer of Possibilities

07/01/13 Sara McLean

Calling interior design professionals - we're kicking off this summer with great possibilities! Go to our Facebook page to enter our summer contest. By liking us on our...

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Summer Flora and Fauna

06/17/13 Megan Mostyn-Brown

Los Angeles is known for having breathtaking flora and fauna. And there’s no better spot to get inspired by the city’s natural wonders than at one of these public gardens. 

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L.A. Public Arts

06/10/13 Megan Mostyn-Brown

The Los Angeles sprawl offers an abundant amount of opportunities to get inspired by public arts projects. From Santa Monica to Watts, there are thousands of murals, sculptures...

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What's In Your Paint?

06/01/13 Dave Heiligenthal

In our summer 2013 educational series on paint and color technology, we begin with a review of one of the basics – what's in paint.

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Inspired Style: The Victorian

06/01/13 Sara McLean

As summer heats up, the exterior of homes and buildings come back into focus. Key to the design of a home or building is the architectural style and —- with this in mind — a...

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L.A. Architecture in Focus

06/01/13 Sara McLean

As part of a greater celebration of the history of architecture throughout Southern California, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles, CA, is displaying a full...

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Euro Street Art Comes Alive

06/01/13 Sara McLean

I Madonnari, an Italian street painting festival, was brought to life Memorial Day weekend in Santa Barbara on the steps and grounds of the Santa Barbara Mission. Madonnari,...

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Freedom's on Me: Poto Leifi

05/20/13 Sara McLean

As Memorial Day approaches, we are reminded of the sacrifices many make on our behalf. This year, as a dedication to those who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq, a special...

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Celebrate 50 Years of Color with Pantone

05/13/13 Ross Brooks

From the '60s to the '00s, popular hues have changed dramatically. Pantone takes a look at color over the last 50 years and how it deeply affects our lives. READ STORY

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Personal Space

05/04/13 Bethany Nauert

We welcome back Bethany Nauert, guest blogger and photographer, whose photographic work is featured in our 2014 trends report, Simply Enlightenment 2014. One of Bethany's latest...