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Chinatown: Colors, History and Architecture

02/08/14 Megan Mostyn-Brown

Chinese New Year is not only a time to celebrate fresh starts and new beginnings, but a chance to explore the architecture and history of Los Angeles’s own Chinatown. Located...

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Traveling the Silk Road: Ancient Pathway to the Modern World

02/01/14 specs+spaces staff

Take a trip back 1,000 years to the golden age of the Silk Road without even leaving Los Angeles. The Natural History Museum’s newest exhibit (on display now through April 13)...

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2014 Trends in Action: Hotels/Hospitality

02/01/14 Grace Lennon

Expanding on our 2014 trends report, Simply Enlightenment, we explore four applications of trends in the world of hotels and hospitality  –-  Vernacular, Luxury, Green and...

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2014 LA Art Show

02/01/14 Grace Lennon

The 2014 LA Art Show, presented by the Palm Beach Show Group, delivered a broad spectrum of art from across the globe to Los Angeles’ diverse and engaged collector base. In its...

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Helms Bakery District: From Desserts to Interior Design

01/04/14 Megan Mostyn-Brown

In the heart of Culver City, Calif., the Helms Bakery District -- a series of art deco buildings along Venice Boulevard -- is known for its top-notch design retailers and cutting-edge restaurants (hello, Bucato). But, before it became a destination for interior design junkies and local foodies, it was ground zero for delicious baked goods.  

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Iconic LA: Lifeguard Towers and Piers

01/04/14 Megan Mostyn-Brown

Nothing says SoCal like surf culture and two of the most iconic structures associated with this low-key lifestyle are also two of the most overlooked – the many lifeguard towers...

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Looking Ahead: Color 2014

01/04/14 Sara McLean

As we look forward to spring and summer 2014, it is sure to be another season of strong color. Breaking down our trend report, 2014 Simply Enlightenment, we find several key...

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2014 Trends in Action: Apartment/Loft Trends

01/04/14 Grace Lennon

With 2014 upon us, we take a closer look at the trends shaping the design world. Beginning with residential and commercial trend applications in last year’s reporting, we...

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Window Wonderland: Holiday Window Displays 2013 Trends

12/15/13 Grace Lennon

Check out these popular design trends for this holiday season from around Los Angeles! Rustic Echoing themes of the nature and focusing on an earthy palate leads to this...

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Becoming Los Angeles at the Natural History Museum

12/09/13 Megan Mostyn-Brown

Did you know that the flood of 1825 changed the course of the Los Angeles River from west to east? Or that during the turn of the century, local civic leaders kept labor costs...