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Zac Posen Showcases LED Dress at Fashion Week

Design Trends

Zac Posen, in conjunction with Google’s Made With Code program and several other code academies in New York City, inspired at this September’s Fashion Week by showcasing a dress with LED technology. This dress combined Posen’s inspiration – the Los Angeles city lights on Sunset Blvd – and work from the coding academies using their coding skills.



The participants in the code academies included girls ranging from 11 to 18 within Girls, Inc., who were given the opportunity to collaborate on a fashion-tech project. Using the first fashion-oriented technology developed by Maddey Maxey, students could log on and select a mysterious LED-based project. They had no idea what they were contributing to but were overwhelmed with excitement to find they’d helped design a Fashion Week gown, complete with wearable technology.