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Wintry Scenes of the Holidays: 2012 Trends

Design Trends

As the holidays approach, we set out to explore regionally and internationally the top color and design trends for the holidays.

From handcrafted to luxury and everything in between, we scoured the markets to find out the greatest reflections of seasonal design. And, with color as a highlight of the season, we showcase four color palettes to brighten your designs.

Trend 1: Rooted - A reconnection with nature, handcrafted techniques and a focus on earthy and rural leads us to Rooted. Inspired by animals, botany, and countryside elements, we find a warmth and coziness to the traditional color palettes and a roughness and ruddiness in the textural designs.

DE5018 First Plum

DEA153 Glitzy Red

DEA133 Rare Turquoise

DE5520 Crocodile Tears

DEC706 Rosewood

DE6192 Nomadic Taupe

DE5069 Cherry Hill

DE6280 English Forest

DE5795 Spirit Mountain

Holiday Trend 2: Luminous - Celebratory light is the key to this trend. And with the increased use of LEDs, fiber optics and other technologies, magical sceneries abound. Bold uses of color and contemporary splashes of design showcase the best of this trend.

DE5944 Fresh Eggplant

DE5894 Starstruck

DEA187 Black

DEA104 Red Icon

DE5677 Jungle

DE5047 Love Letter

DE5293 Persimmon

DE5417 Dandelion

DE5075 Fiery Flamingo

Holiday Trend 3: Lush - This decadent trend displays the best of luxury this season. Colors are rich and grandiose while designs are reminders of the past. Think of films such as The Age of Innocence exploring the intimate social scenes amongst majestic backdrops.

DEA165 Hearth Gold

DEA178 Billiard Table

DEA188 Black Bay

DEA194 Mulberry

DE5356 Roman Gold

DE5082 Redstone

DE5755 Carnival Night

DEA145 Wine Stain

DE6212 Crisp Muslin

Holiday Trend 4: Baroque - What are the holidays without a bit of theatrics? From Santa's workshop to traveling circuses, to train tours and holiday sets, Baroque is laden with extravagant, surreal and dazzling designs.

DE5691 Inspiration Peak

DE5012 Vivid Violet

DEA108 Red Power

DEA113 Orange Burst

DEA125 In the Tropics

DEC743 High Noon

DEA118 Yellow Summer

DE5382 Golden Appeal

DEA169 Peppered Moss

All images by Sara McLean and Getty Images
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