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Winter Color Crush: 3 Unexpected Palettes To Cozy Up To

Design Trends

It’s that time of year again, when we ask ourselves “how is it already holiday season?” Just like that, 2019 is winding down and we recognize the momentous year it’s been as the last year of this decade and a gateway to the next. We feel hopeful about the years that lie ahead, with optimism and innovation inspiring the color trends we’ve pulled together for 2020.

People keep busy this time of year with holiday parties, friends and family, but there’s something inherently grounding about winter, too. The season invites us to slow down and reflect, begging us to nest at home, cozy up to a fire, journal and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa. This reflective time offers the opportunity to assess design priorities in your home. Have your tastes changed over the last year? What do you want to invest in or let go of in this new decade? Perhaps these three unexpected winter color palettes can help steer your next design decision.

The first palette is inspired by winter’s thrashing seas and the season’s quiet moments that allow you to cozy up around the fire and feed your soul with a good book. The rich, sophisticated influence of both have born a palette with deep blue-purples, offset with yellow-browns and plush whites.


Palette two is inspired by a landscape that takes our breath away. Are you escaping to the mountains this winter? Well if not, maybe you’ll want to be for the frost-laden sunrises and billowy early morning clouds. This unexpected winter color palette is all about contrast, pairing peach and orange against soft blue and staid plum-tinged gray.


We might not be able to get further away from traditional greens, reds, and golds than this winter color palette if we tried. Dark winter days, particularly at high latitudes, are synonymous with the aurora borealis,
or northern lights. It’s hard to find anything quite as majestic in the sky as this colorful phenomenon caused by solar wind.