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Window Wonderland: Holiday Window Displays 2013 Trends

Design Trends

It wouldn’t be the holiday season without the many magical displays created by big-name department stores and specialty shops around our city! While some stores stick with classic Christmas themes, others go a less traditional route with everything from minimalist silhouettes to dazzlingly disco balls. A good display can be classic and beautifully simple, wild and surprising, or anywhere in between. 

Check out these popular design trends for this holiday season from around Los Angeles!
Echoing themes of the nature and focusing on an earthy palate leads to this rustic and rural style. Comprised of reclaimed wood elements, animals themes, greenery, and rough and rugged textures, this trend recalls the idea of a Christmas snuggled up at home in front of a crackling fire, a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Pared-down, unfussy and functional, these rustic displays feature handpicked items with natural, un-doctored materials and an emphasis on quality construction and handicraft.

“Less is more” is the mantra for this minimalist trend, with monotone colors contrasted by contemporary accent splashes of color. These windows demonstrate pared-down design elements with repetition and iteration, and holiday basics stripped to the essential. The designs focus on the connection between perfect planes and geometry, elegant lighting, and use of valuable materials such gold and silver. 


Glitz and Glamour
Evoking the spirit of Old Hollywood glamour, this trend displays the best of luxury this season. Displays are rich and lavish amongst majestic backdrops, with elaborate patterns, gleaming metallic surfaces, and spirited color. Lighting is crucial to this high-chroma style, either in the form of a decadent chandelier or scattered and reflected playfully upon a disco ball.  Energetic in design, this trend is an exciting, fresh take on the holidays.