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Why Color Works to Advertise Luxury Products


Recent research into the science of color in marketing suggests that there is a difference in consumer perception when an ad is in black and white instead of color. The shift from color images to black and white may seem simple but can have a profound effect on the way the consumer views the product.

Survey respondents were shown two pictures of the same product, one in black and white and the other in color. They were then asked to respond based on what they were thinking. The black and white picture evoked higher-level thinking and questioning of whether the product was a necessary purchase. The color picture elicited a response to the details of the product and which features would be beneficial without questioning whether the product was necessary.

These results indicate that marketers should carefully consider their use of color in advertising and marketing plans. Many marketing experts suggest that if a product excels on a primary feature that a black and white image may be best to encourage consumers to view the product as a necessary purchase. If it is superior on a secondary feature or if it's more of a luxury item, a color image is a better choice to point out the product's details.

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