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What Does Your Favorite Color Mean and How Does it Influence You?


It's natural to be drawn to certain colors that influence the art you buy, the clothes you wear, and how you choose to decorate your home. Each of us has a favorite color and it may be indicative of our personalities and preferences. What does your favorite color say about you?

The meaning of colors can also be explored in how different shades influence you and your perceptions. For example, how do you feel when you experience the color blue? Many people report that blue makes them feel calm and relaxed but you may have a completely different perception. When working on an interior design project with a client it's beneficial to examine the meaning of colors, the client's color preferences, and how their personal style is affected by color.

Colorfull Palette

Red Red is known as the color of extremes. It is often used to depict both passion and violence, danger and adventure. Red is also the color of fire and blood which explains the common associations with energy and power. To create a sense of urgency or increased appetites many retailers and restaurants use the color red. Red has also been known to stimulate the body, increasing heart rate and raising blood pressure.

Green Universally associated with nature, green has actually become a verb used to describe the practices of conservation and sustainability. Green is also used in reference to luck and prosperity especially related to financial matters. Different shades of green are used throughout marketing and advertising to relax individuals and make the connection to the natural world. Being around the color green stimulates brain harmony and helps an individual feel increasing peace and tranquility.

Blue Blue is an incredibly popular color because of the wide variety of individual shades and the connection to the sea and the sky. Dark shades of blue often represent strength and dependability while lighter shades tend to represent peace and serenity. Did you know that blue is the color most often used by conservative brands and companies hoping to build trust with consumers? Many individual consumers associate blue with reliability and security.

Yellow The most luminous of all colors in the spectrum, yellow easily captures your attention and promotes feelings of happiness. Yellow is the color of optimism, creativity, and enlightenment. Across the globe yellow is often associated with warmth and universal signs of spring such as blooming flowers and sunshine. Since yellow promotes optimism it can improve your mood when used as a wall color and it is frequently used in advertising because it draws in consumers.

Colors of Human

Purple Purple is often associated with royalty, luxury, and affluence. This is due, in part, to purple's rarity in nature and the difficulty of creating a purple dye. It was historically a shade that only the rich and powerful were able to create and wear. In modern times purple is also associated with childhood and has been used to depict some of the most beloved children's characters of all times. Purple stimulates creativity and problem solving and can be used throughout a home to increase energy and ingenuity.

Orange Orange isn't shy; it is known for its vibrant and bold shades. Orange is often associated with health and prosperity and may also be used to convey a warning message such as orange safety cones and reflective vests. Orange is becoming more popular in home design and is often used alongside bright white walls and other citrus shades. You are likely to feel optimistic, invigorated, and uplifted in the presence of orange.

Grey Grey is a solid neutral that offers a sense of formality and coolness. It is often viewed as sophisticated and conservative both in interior design and in fashion. Alternately, shades of grey may also be connected to feelings of loss, depression, or rainy weather. Grey generates feelings of solidarity and practicality and is ideal for an all-over wall color.

To learn more about the meaning of colors and how they may affect a client's perceptions visit us online at Dunn-Edwards. We understand the importance of examining the meaning of colors to help create the perfect spaces for your clients. Our team of experts has created a wide variety of colors perfect for your next interior design project.