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We’ve Matched Fall’s Showy Colors to Give You All the Autumnal Feels

Artistic Inspiration

The East Coast might be king of autumn foliage, but western states offer their own beautiful fall display in a variety of nuances as wide ranging as the vastness of our western landscape.

Autumn in Nevada


Photo Credit: Murray Foubister

Welcome to the changing season in Nevada. This is no Las Vegas or Red Rock Canyon, and yes, the vibrant shades of those trees in the Silver State are real. Uniquely beautiful in this scene is the range of color change from one leaf to another on the same branch, from a yellow with hints of orange like Energy Orange (DE5223) to a full-blown bright hue like Dunn-Edwards Ripe Pumpkin (DE5307). And like the Quaking Aspens, their golden-orange leaves set against the neutral of silvery-grey-white tree trunks, we think Whisper (DEW340) and the greige tone Limestone (DE6233) accent Ripe Pumpkin quite well.


Sierra Nevada Fall


Photo Credit: Jcookfisher

This mountain range is full of rugged beauty. Craggy, snowy mountains and sheer granite walls, alpine lakes and chaparral meadows come together in this stunning and wild mountain range. Influenced by California’s Mediterranean climate, but high in elevation, micro-climates and geography provide different types of autumn, some places cooler and full of evergreens, other pockets full of yellowing trees and ochre-colored bushes.

Trees in the Sierra Nevada can reflect potent sunshine like a mirror with shades looking like Highlighter Yellow (DE5404), so intense a yellow it still has hints of summer green, and pairs well with classic bright Warm White (DEW380) and tan beige Birchwood (DEC752). But leaves and shrubs age in later fall into a Woven Gold (DE5425) that makes the landscape even more dramatic.


Fall in Sonoma County


Photo Credit: Arnie Papp

Autumn compounds the beauty of California’s famous wine-growing Napa and Sonoma counties. Vineyard paths just beg to be walked in as the sun sits low and golden in (mostly) blue skies. Green vine
leaves turn an orange-hued tan like October Haze (DE5171 how fitting a name!) on their way to deep Red Ink (DEA151) and still a darker maroon like Red Clay (DET447).


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