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Using Color Psychology When Designing a Nursery

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Traditional nursery decor dictated that pastels were best for baby and creating a soothing room consisted of muted colors and subtle neutrals. However, today's interior design trends are leading us away from the traditional nursery and into spaces for baby that are bold, creative, and stimulating.

It can be hard to determine the perfect color palette for your baby's room. Are the shades too bold? Will it overwhelm the baby? How will the nursery complement the rest of my home's decor? Recent advancements in interesting color science indicate that one effective way to choose colors for a nursery is to rely on color psychology.

Understanding color psychology, the study of how colors affect people, can help you choose from a multitude of available shades and palettes. Have you considered any of the following colors for your nursery?

Orange: Orange is a warm and comforting color and works well in the nursery with buttery yellow and brown. This is a naturally friendly color and will easily inspire the youngest member of your family.

Yellow: Be careful to not use too much yellow in a room because it can overwhelm and agitate a baby. Subtle yellow used in accessories or on a focal wall can promote positive emotions and concentration.

Green: Green walls are perfect for creating a space where you want baby to learn and explore. An added bonus is that green is a very soothing and natural color.

Gray: Don't overlook the beauty of a neutral palette for a nursery. Shades of gray can promote thought and emotion and are a great backdrop for bold pops of color.

Photo Credit: Bethany Nauert Photography

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