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Travel in Color: Vibrant Hotels Around the World

Color. It has an effect on our mind, body and emotions and can influence our physical and mental well-being immensely. Within hospitality design, color can be used to set a tone or mood — from romantic or exotic, to upbeat or playful — and can transform dull accommodations into Technicolor wonderlands!


Image Courtesy of Hotel Zed

Check out these five color-drenched hotels in hot spots around the world that’ll make your vacation bright and beautiful!

Pantone Hotel
Color-lovers, prepare yourselves — this is your dream hotel. Inspired by the rich shades of Pantone, this Brussels hotel boasts 59 guest rooms that incorporate bold hues against a clean, white palette. There are Pantone-branded decor items placed throughout, from folding chairs, to mugs, to artwork — and all of these items and more can be purchased at the boutique hotel’s gift shop. (via Pantone Hotel)





Images Courtesy of Pantone Hotel

Semiramis Hotel
Playful and vibrant, the new Semiramis in Athens is equal parts museum and hotel. From the moment you step foot through the entrance (a glowing, pink-glass cube), you enter a world of eye-popping details and lollipop-colored furnishings. The hotel focuses on positive energy, heightened experiences, culture, design and art. (via Semiramis Hotel)





Images Courtesy of Semiramis Hotel

Hotel Zed
Hotel Zed, a vibrant, show-stopping boutique motel in Victoria, BC, boasts funky rooms decked out in purple, blue and black geometrically dynamic carpets. Edgy, eclectic, modern and retro, its exterior facade is reminiscent of a Rubik’s Cube of pink, purple, orange and lime squares, while the interior boasts fun amenities, including a ping pong lounge and waterslide. (via Hotel Zed)




Images Courtesy of Hotel Zed

Wanderlust Hotel
Combining energetic colors with cutting-edge design, the Wanderlust in Singapore’s Little India was created with adventurous travelers in mind. Ten of the 29 rooms are awash in a single bold hue, so guests feel absolutely enveloped in color. (via Wanderlust Hotel)






Images Courtesy of Wanderlust Hotel

Hesperia Bilbao Hotel
Situated across the street from the world-famous Guggenheim Museum, the cubed, colorful facade of the Hesperia Bilbao Hotel resembles a game board by day and a Lite-Brite box by night. The interior contrasts the exterior, with monochromatic finishes and sleek design. (via NH Hotels)



Images Courtesy of Hesperia Hotel Bilbao