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The Stylish Curation of Michelle Qazi, and a Color Reveal

Design Trends

ichelle Qazi is the founder and owner of a beautiful home décor store centered in the Arts District of Long Beach, Calif., called 6th and Detroit. Showcasing an array of vintage pieces from the 1960s and '70s, Qazi celebrates this era with relish, seeking out hidden gems from a variety of sources to provide inspiration to the clientele. First begun as an Etsy shop, the popularity grew for her merchandise. Qazi continues to use a variety of social media outlets to display the best of the store’s wares.

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2018 Color of the Year
With the impending launch of 2018 Color of the Year, we approached Qazi to do a photoshoot with the application of the 2018 Color of the Year within her home. Along with this transformation, we also highlighted another 2018 trends color at 6th and Detroit, and the results are amazing. We interviewed Qazi afterward to gauge her reaction to such an extraordinary color transformation in her home.

What do you like about The Green Hour?
What I like most about The Green Hour is how versatile it is. Green is my favorite color, and this particular shade has a very neutral feel to it that it goes with all types of decor. I have many accessories in my home that are different colors, and each item pairs so nicely with it.

Livingroom colors

Entrance colors

How would you describe the color?
I would describe the color as a very calm and soothing green with a hint of blue and grey. The Green Hour color acts as a neutral, as opposed to being used as an accent color.

How did you think it worked in the home?
This particular color worked so well in my home because it all of a sudden elevated the design of everything in it. Furniture and plants have popped and stood out in a way that they never have before. When the walls were white, everything just sort of blended together. Adding The Green Hour to our walls made the architecture and details of the home itself become so much more noticeable. My home feels complete now that it has color in it.

Living room colors 2

Bedroom colors

Was there a particular room you loved seeing it in, and why?
I loved seeing the dining room painted because of the brick wall. I’ve always loved brick walls in general, but to see it painted this gorgeous color makes everything around it better. The coolness of the wall and the warm tones of the wood dining table and chairs pair in harmony.

What did you think about the color before it was painted? Did it change after you saw it on the walls?
Initially, I thought the color was so beautiful right away but was a little worried whether it would work with my current furniture. I have a bright, pistachio-green couch that is the main focus in the room and was really
worried that the colors would compete. Once the color went up on the walls, it was even better than I expected! My bright couch, all the wood tones, wicker accent pieces and plants looked so much better with The Green Hour. My home feels and looks the best it’s ever been.

Furniture colors

Corner colors

Check out more of The Green Hour in action with Qazi on her blog and stay tuned for the exciting color reveal of 6th and Detroit! To learn more, visit

All images by Bethany Nauert