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The Mental Attraction to Color

Design Trends

Your brain can't help but notice color. It is processing thousands of details a second to help you form opinions about color in clothing, the natural landscape, or interior design. Some colors and color combinations may be very appealing to you while others don't have the same effect. Why? Why do you like certain colors more than others?

Interesting color science can help us determine why we like certain colors more than others and why it is important to use plenty of color in interior design.

•Colors highlight our personalities Researchers have discovered a link between personality traits and certain colors. For example, people that prefer orange tend to be happy and energetic while those that prefer blue tend to be cautious and analytical. Understanding both your personality characteristics and favorite colors can help you select paint shades for your next interior design project.

•Colors can impact our moods Interior design colors can have a direct correlation with our moods. Warm colors tend to make people feel energetic while cool colors are more calming. Many homeowners prefer cool colors in a bedroom to help them feel relaxed when falling asleep while spaces you entertain in benefit from warmer colors.

•Colors finish a space Color is a unifying force in a room. Using color strategically helps finish a space. Consider the difference between similarly furnished rooms, one is designed in all neutral tones while the other has pops of carefully chosen color woven into the design. Which room do you think appears more finished?

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