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The Cerritos Public Library: A Community Resource

Design Trends

In the city of Cerritos, CA, sits a beautiful, modern building painted in Dunn-Edwards Swiss Coffee (DEW341) and capped with titanium cladding. Set alongside the Cerritos College buildings, the library makes a grand impression among the city’s other buildings.

Outside building

Outside building garden

The Cerritos Public Library has a long history, all starting with a groundbreaking back in 1972. At that time, the building was the first building added to the Cerritos Civic Center and was dedicated Oct. 13, 1973, in honor of First Lady Patricia Nixon, who was a native of Cerritos. Through the years, it was remodeled and expanded, then completed in 2002. At the time, the titanium-clad exterior was one of the first in the U.S. Designed by architect Charles Walton Associates, the library received numerous accolades and awards, including Best Public Library in 2004 by Reader’s Digest magazine and Best Public Library in 2003 “Best of L.A.” issue by Los Angeles Magazine.

Front desk

Reading place

As time moved on, the library was - once again - in need of a refresh, so in 2013, the library was repainted using Dunn-Edwards EVERSHIELD in Swiss Coffee (DEW341) for the exterior. The interiors used a variety of Dunn-Edwards products and colors, as well.




Photos above taken by Sara McLean

Upon visiting the library, one notices the appeal of the children’s library for all ages, which includes a dinosaur, rocket ship and even an aquarium, all contained in a room as you walk through giant, life-like books built into the walls and entrance. For adults, a variety of spaces accommodate those who like some quiet, as well as those who want more socialization. The library is a central resource for the community and college students, alike, creating a place of continual inspiration.



Photos above taken by Sara McLean

Children reading room

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All images by Charles Walton Associates except as noted above