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Steve McCurry: UNTOLD at The Peter Fetterman Gallery

Artistic Inspiration

Though Steve McCurry may not be a household name, it's a sure bet that most people would recognize his iconic photographs. For three decades this legendary photojournalist has given us an intimate look into cultures half a world away, most notably in Afghanistan, India and Tibet. His stunning color images have graced the pages of world-class publications like National Geographic and garnered him numerous awards -- including four first prize awards from the World Press Photo Contest. Now through Nov. 30, Angelenos can get up close and personal with a small exhibition of his work at the Peter Fetterman Gallery.

Held in the space's Project Room, the exhibit consists of 14 portraits and landscapes, including his most famous piece Afghan Girl. Though the collection is small, it's well worth the trip to see it. McCurry's work is beautiful when viewed in books, magazines and online but in person, it's a rich, breathtaking and intimate lesson in balancing color and composition. Whether it's a single person or a cityscape he's an expert at taking your eye directly to the heart of the photo and then giving you plenty of other rich details to explore afterward -– the embroidery on a sari, the crash of the waves, a handprint on a wall. His use of color is vibrant and powerful (especially in photos like Red Boy, Blue City and Flower Seller) yet it doesn't detract from the meat of the photo. In fact, it enhances it. We feel the intensity of the boy's gaze, the sharpness of the skyline and the care with which the flower seller navigates his cargo through the water.

The exhibit coincides with the release of McCurry's photography book, Untold, The Stories Behind the Photographs. The photojournalist's latest collaboration with Phaidon gives readers an in-depth look at some of his most famous photos via handwritten notes, personal images and narrative. It, along with another book of McCurry's work, Iconic Images, is available for visitors to peruse and purchase. Both titles are well-worth taking the time to page through, as they give context to the exhibition, as well as a glimpse at the breadth and scope of the rest of this legendary photojournalist's work.

All Images © Steve McCurry / Magnum Photos. Courtesy of Peter Fetterman Gallery. For more information on the exhibit visit