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Springtime Planning: Exterior Color Schemes to Inspire

Painting Green

Spring has sprung! Homes across the Southwest are shaking off the winter doldrums and ready to shine with new color inspiration. Bringing fresh color to a home's exterior can have a tremendous effect on the value and curb appeal.

Color Inspiration – Desert Southwest Style

Color in the Southwestern desert region is warm, rustic and earthy, complementing the region's prevailing architecture. Whether the exterior material is adobe, stucco, plaster or sandstone, these color schemes will highlight many of the key features of a desert-style home -- ironwork, terracotta roof tiles, mosaic tile work accents and rustic doors and woodwork.

DEC725 Weathered Coral

DE6137 Tan Plan

DE6279 Armored Steel

DE6215 Wooden Peg

DEW339 Bone China

DE5181 Georgia Clay

DE6173 Paper Sack

DE5365 Burnished Cream

DE6111 S'mores

DE6206 Desert Suede

DEC776 Courtyard Green

DE6370 Charcoal Smudge

DEC771 Shaggy Barked

DE6171 Sand Dollar

DE6152 Maple View

DE5263 Sonora Shade

DE5215 Caramel Apple

DE6230 Center Ridge

DE5332 Burmese Tan

DEC736 Flaxseed

DEC756 Weathered Brown

DEC713 Roman Brick

DEC761 Cochise

DEC799 Wharf View

Color Inspiration – Traditional Suburban Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods around the Western US are filled with a myriad of traditional home styles, from post-war bungalows, to revival- and ranch-style homes. Color schemes need to showcase a home's architectural elements and landscape, yet fit in with the other residences on the block.

DE6216 Barrel Stove

DE6212 Crisp Muslin

DEA149 Spiced Berry

DEC728 Madera

DEC741 Bone White

DEA175 Black Forest

DE6368 Walrus

DEW380 Warm White

DE6371 Blackjack

DE6214 Pigeon Gray

DEW336 White Sand

DEA184 Parisian Night

DE6198 Cream Wave

DE6278 Stone Creek

DEA156 Cherry Cola

DE5366 Midland Tan

DE6191 Exclusive Ivory

DE6231 Shaker Gray

DE6325 Crestline

DEW379 Igloo

DEA152 Deep Crimson

DE6257 Battle Harbor

DEW338 White Heat

DEA158 Northern Teritory

Color Inspiration – SoCal Beaches

The beach is the perfect location to display sun-washed and breezy ocean colors. Playing up the ideas of “fun-in-the-sun" and casual living, these color schemes provide a layer of personality to the bungalows, cottages and hideaways dotting the oceanfront landscape.

DE5744 Seaport

DE6170 Rice Bowl

DE5508 Palm Leaf

DE5332 Burmese Tan

DEW381 Droplets

DE6223 Mission Trail

DE5208 Harvest Time

DEC744 Celtic Linen

DEC788 Dark Lagoon

DE6204 Trite White

DEC746 Apache Tan

DE5774 Thundercloud

DE6163 Melted Wax

DE6169 Milk Mustache

DE5803 Turbulent Sea

DE6277 Pebble Walk

DEC748 Oyster

DE5325 Regency Cream

DE6115 Practical Tan

DEC774 Shady

DEC789 Light Gray

DEC780 Tickled Crow

DE6260 Wishful White

DE6132 Big Stone Beach

Color Inspiration – NorCal Beach Shores

Northern California's waters and environment display a bluer and grayer cast to the landscape. From the morning mist to afternoon warmth of the sun, muted color plays off the surroundings with spots of deeper color reflecting the urban architecture of city life and rich architectural heritage of older neighborhoods.

DE6276 Silhouette

DEW357 White Crest

DEA147 Garnet Evening

DE6207 Egyptian Sand

DEC750 Bison Beige

DE6245 Aged Jade

DE6241 Lunar Landing

DE6313 Enchanted Eve

DE6315 Black Pool

DE6235 Northgate Green

DEC763 Oatmeal Cookie

DE6389 Fallen Rock

DE6229 Calico Rock

DEW343 Pearl Necklace

DE5264 Saddle Brown

DE6220 Porous Stone

DE6221 Flintstone

DE5823 Mica Creek

DE6292 Stone Craft

DEW341 Swiss Coffee

DE6214 Pigeon Gray

DE6314 Dark Pewter

DE6211 Light Beige

DE6138 Dark Sepia

Color Inspiration – The Ornate Victorian

Victorian architecture is a study in color and detail and highlighting key features adds visual delight to this historical gem. Echoing the authentic colors found during this era, a range of soft to rich hues provides architectural excitement.

DEC704 Moenkopi Tan

DEC766 Steveareno Beige

DEC770 Drifting

DE6063 Black Walnut

DE6145 Rocky Ridge

DE6158 Buckskin

DE6155 Soft Ivory

DE6398 Louisiana Mud

DEC767 Riverbed

DEC717 Baked Potato

DE5747 Stone Bridge

DE5718 Mother Earth

DE6251 Green Scene

DEC740 Sandcastle

DEC729 Medallion

DE6048 Pine Cone

DE5270 Apple Cider

DEW329 Wax Wing

DE6229 Calico Rock

DE5824 Outer Space

DE6363 Pointed Rock

DE6215 Wooden Peg

DEC762 Milkweed

DEA152 Deep Crimson

DE6216 Barrel Stove

DE6213 Fine Grain

DE5187 Weathered Saddle

DE6399 Molasses

DE5366 Midland Tan

DE6209 Rock 'n' Oak

DEC772 Navajo White

DEA159 Rich Mocha

All images by Dunn-Edwards and Thinkstock