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Spring 2015 Color Trends on View

Design Trends

As we gear up for spring, fresh color palettes are popping up everywhere, reminding us to refresh the home, recharge the wardrobe and let a new host of hues into our world. Let's take a look at a few of the hottest colors for this season.

In General

The Pale Pastels

Pale, tinted and wispy, milky pastels display a just a hint of hue. Romantic, serene and bare, these colors move from sweet to complex.

Bouquet of Botanicals

Florals are everywhere this season, and miniature versions of these blooms are key. Romantic to exotic, blushing in pastels or cascading in vibrant color, botanicals signal the call for spring.

Earthy Rustics

Neo-rustic with South American influences, this range of colors is masculine, weathered, and weather-beaten.

Bound for Brazil

Colorful, multi-patterned and bright, these hues create a palette of global and well-traveled color influences. Tropical florals, graphic patterns, gloss, shine and intricate detail complete the look.

Cali Surf

Swim, surf and sun. The California surf culture permeates color and design with unique color combinations, ice cream and candy hues, as well as post-war hues with 1950s kitten-flare that display a touch of whimsy.

Color Cues

Reds: Poppy, Vermilion, and Pink Quartz, Carnation and Fuchsia

DEA104 Red Icon

DE5104 Amour

DET412 Heart Throb

DE5049 Early Blossom

DE5113 Fairytale Dream

DE5046 Carnation

DE5072 Bubblegum

DET416 La Vie en Rose

DET417 Hollyhock Bloom

DET419 Pink Dahlia

Oranges: Creamsicle, Peach, Grapefruit and Cognac

DE5142 Peach Fuzz

DE5130 Amber Tide

DE5141 Soft Orange Bloom

DE5131 Orange Aura

DE5166 Nectarine

DE5209 Cinnabar

DET458 Santa Fe Sunset

DET461 Citrus Honey

DET438 Pueblo Rose

DET435 Presidio Peach

Greens: Green Pear, Pistachio, Shamrock and Jungle

DE5519 Perfect Pear

DE5517 Fluorescent Lime

DE5619 Spring Fields

DE5611 Spinach Dip

DE5617 Winter Shamrock

DE5636 Get Up and Go

DEA128 Spring Juniper

DE5706 Pine Needle

DE5699 Emerald Pool

DE5664 Shamrock Field

The Aqueous Range: Cool Mint and Turquoise

DE5721 Air of Mint

DE5729 Spearmint

DE5725 Dragon Bay

DE5726 Royal Palm

DET555 Aquamarine

DET556 Lake Reflection

DET546 Oasis

DET549 Little Beaux Blue

DET548 Fiesta Blue

DET543 Veranda

An Array of Blues: Indigo, Denim, Cerulean, Sky and Electric

DE5838 Summer Lake

DE5895 Dive In

DE5872 Lakeville

DET585 Blue Calico

DET586 Pacific Blues

DET573 Mountain Bluebird

DET589 Genteel Blue

DET578 Yankee Doodle

DEA138 Indigo Night

DE5846 Lapis

Purples: Wisteria, Hazy Purple, Periwinkle and African Violet

DE5967 Pouty Purple

DE5946 Violet Crush

DE5940 Violet Gems

DE5941 Simply Violet

DE5906 Periwinkle

DE5920 London Fog

DET408 Grapevine

DE5971 Jubilee

DE6000 Vibrant Orchid

DE5972 Royal Robe