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Spotlight: PremièreVision & Indigo New York

Design Trends

January brings a plethora of new and exciting products and trends to view at trade shows all around the world. Key to the apparel and textile industry trade are Première Vision and Indigo New York, and I attended to gather key information on trends that carry over from fashion design to interior design.

Occurring on January 15 and 16, these shows brought a surge of creativity as the world’s top mills and print designs studios came together to showcase their Spring and Summer 2014 collections. Attendance at the show was on the rise with buyers, fashion designers and tastemakers all seeking the latest in mill trends.

Visitors were also drawn into the trend services for Spring and Summer 2014 season, which included color cards, the Indigo “Influences” wall, the fabric forum and trend seminars.  I attended several of the trend seminars to gain further understanding of the connection between fashion and interior trends, and came away with key information and connections between these creative industries.


Key 2014 Spring and Summer Fashion Trends that will carry into the Interior Design trend arena include:

High-tech fabrics: including strange hybrid and ambiguous colors and patterns. Noting this same trend at Maison Ob’jet, the sportwear textiles and patterns are beginning to find their way into the Interiors stories.
Textile Stories: sporty and glamorous combined
mixed coatings such as silk/plastic, grainy/ultra-smooth, lace/neoprene
synthetic, techno fabric construction, iridescent, sparkly material
gelled fabrics, wet-looks, lacquered and plasticized finishes

Color Stories: architectural and building material colors: vegetal coloring, pearlized darks and pink gold, high-impact florals

Primitive fabrics and motifs
: raw and industrial design updated; forward-evolution of our Simply A New Renaissance 2013 Trends report/Simply RE-Invented story. Rebooting the Arts & Crafts era, updating with ethnic and tribal influences

Textile Stories: raw, mineralized, and tribal
textile irregularities and crude embroideries
rustic fleece, graphic two-tone and three-tone, pixilated patterns
mineral and stone motifs, mica, and mirrors

Color Stories: raw and earthy: warm sand tones, contemporary primitive hues, dark/light contrasts

Transparent and lightweight fabrics: drawing on the use of lightweight materials and structured design, this trend follows trends in architectural design. From open and empty spaces to the advances in modern architecture, this trend follows a simple and clean, structured format.

Textile Stories: airy and light
layered translucency
lightened 3Ds, quilted, embossed, honeycomb motifs
laser cutouts, perforations, micro patterns

Color Stories: color effects: Soft multi-colored hues and graduated color, Chalks and pastels, 
Bright mixtures, Tone-on-tone and transparent coloring

All photography courtesy and permission of PremiereVision New York and Indigo New York.
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