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Spicy Red Tones to Invigorate a Home

Design Trends

Summer is heating up and it's time to invigorate interiors with the spiciness and versatility of red. Invigorating tones of red are ideal for anyone who wants to create a new look for a home with paint. Red is a healthy dose of color that recharges neutral and overlooked home spaces inside and out.

Spicy Pepper Porch

The warmer weather brings people out onto their porches, patios, and decks to enjoy every beautiful day. Perk up a porch with red cushions on the furniture, a fiery-bordered throw rug, and a bold splash of red on an accent wall or within a hung painting. Many people forget that an exterior space benefits from creative design elements similar to those found inside a home.

Stairway Interest

Another often forgotten design area of the home is the stairway. Stair risers are the perfect spot to create a new look for a home with paint. Painting stair risers a deep crimson brings out the warm tones of hardwood. A red floral pattern on risers adds instant visual interest and incorporates the staircase into the home's design. With painted red walls as a backdrop, the eye focuses on the elegant and functional architecture of the stairway.

Creative Nursery

Step away from blues and yellows traditionally used in nurseries, and embrace red for a more creative nursery. Painting red only halfway up the wall creates the look of wainscoting without the extra expense, and is certain to stimulate curious, playful, and imaginative little minds.

The many shades of red lend themselves to a variety of applications that create a new look for a home with paint. Contact our experts at Dunn-Edwards Paints® to learn how paint colors and techniques influence and enhance any space and style from traditional to modern.