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Sojourn: A “Spirited Journey” through 2019 color + design

Design Trends

Dunn-Edwards recently released its 2019 color+design trends with the theme of “Spirited Journeys.” The five-trend color palettes are showcased in a collection of animated video stories highlighting the textures, materials and cultural references inspiring the looks. The videos were rolled out one at a time this summer.

This annual glimpse at how our culture influences popular colors and design is curated with months of research and analysis to provide the most accurate forecast of color, design and trend information. People are always interested in trending colors but that is just part of the story. The textures and materials pair with color to tell a story about what’s happening in our lives and the world around us.


“Sojourn,” our fifth trend story, focuses on naturalistic, earthy expressions that remind us that we are all makers at heart. Authentically redesigned, this trend is infused with sunny conviviality, well-crafted design, heritage ornamentation and modernity. Layers of cultures and eras blend harmoniously, combining the modest and the grandiose. The basics are peppered with an extra dose of soul inspired by cultural heritage.

This trend is inspired by the American naturalist painters of the 19th and 20th century — Andrew Wyeth, Edward Hopper and Georgia O’Keeffe, to name a few — whose use of color, realism and craft demonstrate America’s folk heritage.


IMAGES: Top left: EL MAMA & LA PAPA RESTAURANT, Barcelona. Bottom left: Nighthawks by Edward Hopper. Right: KOI CAFÉ, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Materials and textures display tactile simplicity; repetition; and modernized craftwork using wood tiles, cane work, eyelets, decorative lacing, ceramics, wooden accessories and jewelry, and roughened veneers, to name but a few.

Sojourn, Realism, Craft, Heritage

IMAGE Left: Muralist BUNNIE REISS IMAGE Right: Andrew Wyeth — Christina’s World

Patterns infuse folkloric and craft techniques such as enlarged stencils and cutouts in simple geometric shapes, blending light neutrals and bold accents. They include touches of color with contrasting neutrals. Hand-crafted products are highlighted in design, including handmade rugs, as well as boxwood beads.

There is a modernist aesthetic in graphic design elements that showcase simple shapes, primary colors, font patterns, digital block prints, plaiting and weaves. Art is also inspired by popular folklore and includes naïve figurative motifs.

Sporty textiles, typically found in outdoor products, move to new design arenas and highlight windproof and waterproof fabrics layered with sporty graphic motifs. Furs and skins — hairy, boucle, and fringed textures — dress up basics.

Sojourn, Rich, Diverse, Exotic, Outdoorsy

Images highlighting the use of pattern and texture in Sojourn. IMAGES Left and Right: Missoni

Sojourn, Cultures and eras blend, Authenticity redesigned, Simple shapes


Sojourn, Weave, Visual textures, Natural


Earthy hues ground the soul and encourage self-expression. Sojourn is sophisticated, with tempered, earthy
hues that are reminiscent of early naturalists, while masculine deep tones are highlighted with sporty and outdoorsy aesthetics. Classic and graphic. Natural and chic. Sporty and playful.

Sojourn, Classic and graphic, Wooden browns, Clean, Sophisticated, Earthy

IMAGE: Live Work.

This urban and natural, multicolored, multipurpose palette consists of simple primaries mixed with
outdoorsy olive, brown and ochre. A blend of neutrals with primaries to renew the folklore aesthetic are inspired by archival qualities. Naturally rich colors of perennial and mountain flowers pair with autumnal hues.

Sojourn, Primaries mixed with neutrals, Ceramics, Handmade, Folkloric


To find more inspiration through our 2019 color+design trends and check out the other four trend stories and videos, visit us here. To view the full range of trending colors for 2019, click here.